Zack made the wrong choice on Love Is Blind season 4 — here’s why

Zack Goytowski made a mistake with his election love is blind Season 4. The show took Netflix by storm in February 2020, just before the pandemic struck and viewers were confined to their homes. Luckily, the sheer horror and allure of seeing strangers fall in love without seeing each other provided the distraction many viewers needed.

The first five episodes of love is blind Season 4 released on March 24th and features all of the same entertainment value as previous seasons, including an ill-fated love triangle. Zack, a 31-year-old criminal defense attorney, had ties to two very different women in the pods, and stereotypical catfights ensued. With his boyish good looks and jiu-jitsu hobby, Zack wasn’t ready to let two women compete for his love. Unfortunately for Zack, it’s already clear he made the wrong choice.

Zack chooses Irina over Bliss in Love Is Blind season 4

Zack Goytowski from Love Is Blind Season 4 is sitting on the couch eating cupcakes

After just two days of dating love is blind Season 4, Bliss Poureetezadi, a 33-year-old senior program manager who works in cybersecurity, and Irina Solomonova, a 26-year-old business owner originally from Russia, dumped Zack Bliss and asked the controversial Irina to marry him. This wrong decision came after days of ignoring obvious red flags surrounding Irina’s mean-girl behavior, selfishness, and bluntness bordering on cruelty.

Irina and Micah are mean girls in Season 4 of Love is Blind.

Love is Blind contestants Micah Lussier and Irina Solomonova in the pool

Irina’s mean attitude should have caught Zack’s eye through their conversations, but it was particularly noticeable to viewers. Almost immediately, Irina befriended her mean girl, Micah Lussier, a 27-year-old marketing executive. When Micah forced Paul Peden to break up with Amber Wilder and devote himself solely to her, she and Irina giggled giddily at Amber’s tears and even spied on her as she sobbed at Chelsea Griffin, a 31-year-old speech-language pathologist.

Perhaps Irina’s most blatant behavior in love is blind Season 4 was her clear animosity towards Bliss when she decided to bake cupcakes for Zack’s birthday. Irina awkwardly asked Bliss for a candle, upset that she had forgotten Zack’s birthday and had nothing to get him. Standing up for herself, the normally sweet Bliss refused and admitted how odd it was that Irina would ask that. Irina threw Bliss under the bus in the pods and tried to make her look silly for making Zack’s birthday special. Despite all of Zack’s claims that he trusted Irina and thought she was real, she came across as anything but.

By the time Zack made the decision to kick Bliss to the curb, Irina had proven her inability to be kind tenfold. She even said she once had trouble being nice, and Chelsea asked her why. She didn’t have a good answer, and Chelsea suggested that common people are just insecure. Given that Irina’s initial conversation head revealed her insecurities about horrific childhood acne, it seems Chelsea was right.

Even after telling Irina in the pods that she was blunt, even vicious, Zack proposed, but they’re unlikely to make it to that love is blind Season 4 finale. While all the other couples kissed happily as they met, Irina was visibly disappointed with what she saw. His achingly optimistic reaction to her apparent contempt was hard to watch and she wouldn’t even kiss him. This is understandable given the unnatural structure of the love is blind Experiment, coupled with their other red flags, doesn’t look good for Irina and Zack.

Zack and Irina’s on-screen disaster only got worse when the troubled couple traveled to Mexico. While other couples embraced physical intimacy and formed deeper connections, Zack and Irina’s scenes together were stilted and awkward. Irina claimed that she loves being Zack’s best friend but wasn’t ready for intimacy despite being a very physical person. She never missed an opportunity to criticize him, even embarrassingly making fun of him for eating all the food on his plate on a date at the beach.

Not surprisingly, Irina admitted that she doesn’t find Zack physically attractive in their talking minds, even saying she expected him to look more.normal.” For his part, Zack is conventionally attractive, with perfectly tousled dark hair and a winning smile, so it’s unclear what “normal‘ in Irina’s eyes until all the couples in Mexico unite.

In Mexico, Irina immediately began flirting with Paul, a 29-year-old environmental scientist to whom she reportedly has a physical attraction. Irina even hooked up with her mean best friend Micah (who ironically agreed with Paul) and admitted that having Zack touch her makes her feel gross. Overall, things weren’t looking good for Zack, who was nowhere to be found.

Over the period of love is blind Episode 5 made it painfully clear to both Zack and Irina that they weren’t a good match. In what might be her only real moment of the show, Irina was able to admit her open disdain for Zack, and he suggested they call it quits. Even when Zack tried to stand up for himself, Irina was rude and kept saying that she couldn’t bear to even look at him. Luckily, while it was embarrassing to watch, the couple had the common sense to call it quits during a honeymoon period that Zack “terrible.”

At the end of Episode 5, Zack was back in Seattle and met the beautiful Bliss at a coffee shop, where he started the conversation by saying he made the wrong choice. Unfortunately, viewers will have to wait until next week’s episodes, which air March 31, to find out if Zack and Bliss find love for each other. For her part, Irina seems to be causing trouble with Micah and Paul.

Unfortunately for Zack, he made absolutely the wrong choice when initially choosing Irina. While Bliss dealt with Irina’s antics with maturity and patience, Irina took every opportunity to put down Bliss and every other woman in the pods. As for Zack and Bliss’ budding romance, the outcome lies in future episodes.

love is blind appears on Netflix on Fridays.

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