Winter of the Chantel family debuts short blonde hair in a makeup video

Winter Everett recently tested a new blonde hair look that stunned The family choir fans. The young Atlanta native is best known for her supporting role in the hit 90 day fiance Spin-off in which she presented her weight loss journey. Winter opted for gastric sleeve surgery, which enabled her to lose over 100 pounds in a matter of months. In addition to transforming her body, the TLC star continued to evolve her style following her dramatic weight loss. Taking more risks, she wore slim-fitting outfits and played with colors to stand out on social media.

Lately, The Chantel family Winter Everett showed her fans her latest look, in which she ditched her old mid-length brunette look for a blonde bob hairstyle.

The Family Chantel star Winter Everett with a blonde wig on Instagram

She posted a video of her new style on TikTok and Instagram, where she played with her hair while speaking to fans. winter said “I’ve always wanted to try the Glamor Movie filter” before applying it to her new blonde hair and checking the results. After “Fun” With her hair and the filter on, Winter turned him off again, stating that she likes her real self better.

Viewers of the Chantel family love Winter Everett’s blonde hair

Winter Everett from The Family Chantel wearing pink top and brown hat posing outside

90 day fiance Fans were happy to see Winter spreading body positivity by choosing her real look over filters. They were also stunned to see her adopt a blonde look that was likely a wig. An Instagram user wrote: “You could always wear any hairstyle and look great in it.” adds that the TLC star is beautiful. Another user asked, “Did you dye your hair?” to which someone else replied “Probably a really good wig.” A few fans had mixed opinions about the hair color, with some saying blonde hair looked amazing on Winter’s face while others felt her natural color was better.

Regardless of differing views, almost everyone agreed that Winter could pull off any style, just like her older sister, Chantel Everett. Over the months, the Atlanta resident has unveiled various makeovers, delighting her followers in the process. In 2022, Winter adopted a straight brunette look and soon changed it to a dark curly hairstyle. She also tried sporty blonde braids that looked good on her. While she’s been losing weight, Winter has really revamped her sense of style, which is why her social media followers love her and always support her on Instagram.

Over the months, Winter has wowed countless fans with impressive weight loss results and given them various fitness tips. From diet tips to new exercises, Winter shared much of her journey with her followers and never bragged about her weight-loss transformation. Instead, she proudly motivated people to achieve their fitness goals while being body positive. This attitude is a big reason why she is quickly gaining popularity on social media and becoming a well-known weight loss influencer. If Winter can keep putting out quality content, it wouldn’t be long before she becomes as popular as Chantel and becomes a mainstay of The family choir.

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