Why the 1000-Lb Sisters season 4 finale was so abrupt

The 1000 pound sisters The season 4 finale aired on March 21, and most viewers didn’t realize they were watching the finale until they watched the abruptly ended episode. As the Slaton sisters enter new phases in their lives at Tammy Slaton’s wedding to Caleb Willingham at their Ohio rehab facility, the episode pays homage to the sisters’ relationship and the transformation it has taken. Amy Slaton, who grapples with postpartum depression throughout the episode, has even more to come after the birth of her second son Glenn. With Amy’s husband Michael Halterman filing for divorce, she’ll have even more to deal with when 1000 pound sisters returns.

Since filming 1000 pound sisters Season 4 Tammy has returned to Kentucky from her rehab facility. Amy, on the other hand, has lost more weight and seems to be fine after the divorce. Both sisters had been through a lot throughout the season, so it was shocking that it ended so quickly.

The £1,000 Sisters season finale felt misleading

In the last episode of 1000 pound sisters In Season 4, Tammy married Caleb in a small ceremony in the presence of her family. Seeing such a big milestone for Tammy alongside other big milestones like her weight loss surgery in recent episodes was exciting but left some confused. The episode does not appear to have been marketed as a season finale 1000 pound sisters Season 4 so some were unbalanced that the season ended instead of just taking a break. Some fans wondered if the episode was, or at least should be, a mid-season finale. In a Reddit thread started by u/Fyachickenstripsss, one user said: “They will be back on television later this year.”

The £1000 Sisters Season 4 finale felt abrupt because there’s more to come

The 1000 pound sisters Finale was probably meant to be a mid-season finale, which is why it felt so abrupt and out of nowhere to end so suddenly. According to Tammy’s TikTok, 1000 pound sisters Season 4 was scheduled to have eight episodes filmed between June 2022 and November 2022 to launch the season. The family will then have to film again in late January 2023 and shoot a further eight episodes to be released later this year. It appears that that schedule has been adjusted and ten episodes will air plus a Tell All which will air on March 28th for a full season. The filming that the Slaton family is doing now is likely for the upcoming one 1000 pound sisters season 5

While 1000 pound sisters Season 4 seems to be over, the amount of change the sisters have gone through in just one season is amazing. With another season already on the way and more family changes to come, things aren’t slowing down for Tammy and Amy anytime soon. Luckily, even in the most difficult of times, they can count on each other.

Sources: u/Fyachickenstripsss/Reddit, Tammy Willingham/TikTok

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