Why Sister Wives fans see Robyn as the villain in the family

Fans believe Robyn Brown is the cause of Sister Wives’ family breakup because she is a narcissist who accuses others of abusing her.

Robyn Brown joined the Brown family sister wives in the first season in 2010. However, it caused tension for years. That tension came to a head in season 17 as every plural marriage but hers imploded. While her husband, Kody Brown, seemed to favor Robyn, Christine and Janelle called her out because she was causing problems in the family. Many of her children blamed Robyn for the breakdown in marriages and the strain on family dynamics.

Last season, Robyn maintained her innocence in these family tensions, arguing that all she wanted from the start was multifamily success.

This is in contrast to her stint as principal woman during the COVID pandemic, which then resulted in her being the only woman. This is one of the reasons fans don’t believe Kody is being honest with Robyn.

Robyn dissolved the family

Robyn Brown wears an infinity necklace in the Sister Wives Season 17 trailer

Many viewers think Kody’s continued defense of Robyn is a sign that he favors her. He also cites every woman’s mistreatment of Robyn as a reason for the breakup between him and Christine. Kody claimed that Robyn was only good for the family, which only served to pit the women against each other. Fans were also furious with claims that Robyn was being nice to the other women, especially on Reddit. One Redditor began by stating: “Meeting Kody, Janelle, and Meri at Robyn’s house confirmed what everyone already knew. Robyn directed the show. Kody praised her for it. Pathetic liars.”

Robyn is a narcissist

Robyn Brown sister wives

Robyn cannot remove the Puppeteer tag sister wives, and was considered the show’s villain for this reason. Her desire to be principal wife was fulfilled during the pandemic, and Kody’s favoritism became too much to bear. Her behavior played a role in the family’s unhealthy dynamics. Another Reddit thread, “Is there a name for what Robyn does?” discussed how “Robyn had rejected the family 100%‘ but claimed she was being turned down, which Janelle exclaimed when Kody tried to compare her to the fourth wife.

Fans identified Robyn as a narcissist, arguing that this was the beginning of the end sister wives in Season 17. Reddit users in the same thread outlined a term associated with narcissism as DARVO, where people “DENY ATTACK REVERSE VICTIM AND OFFEDOR [sic]or “offender.” This type of person blames everyone else for behaving the way they are. Robyn identified the rest of the family as abusers in their confessions. But she isolated Kody by supporting his COVID rules, rather than on it to point out that they do more to tear the fabric of the family than to mend it.

As the thread on Reddit shows, DARVO is a very sneaky behavior. But other than that, there aren’t many overt behaviors that fans can spot that made Robyn a villain. While no one can diagnose Robyn over the internet, it’s clear that many viewers remember that kind of sneakiness as to why she was anything but friendly sister wives. It’s just another way fans have turned on Robyn.

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