Why CT Tamburello wanted Cara Maria as his partner in the challenge

The challenge Legend Chris “CT” Tamburello recently revealed that he wanted Cara Maria Sorbello as his partner if he had attended ride or die. CT is considered one of the toughest physical competitors in the history of the series, holding 5 championships in flagship seasons and 2 wins on Champions vs Stars. Likewise, Cara Maria is one of the show’s top female competitors, holding 2 flagship championships and 1 win Champions vs Pros. None of the stars appeared ride or die where competitors were working with one of their closest friends, family members or significant others.

Over the years, The challenges CT Tamburello and Cara Maria formed a close friendship and bonded over several seasons. Cara Maria debuted on The challenge: fresh meat, where brand new players got their first chance to compete, leading to Cara Maria being ostracized by some of the veteran players in later seasons. Though CT initially agreed, he eventually made amends with Cara Maria and the two even trained together between seasons. Although they occasionally argued, they never attacked each other during the time XXX: Dirty 30, vendettas, And Last billing Trilogy.

CT confirmed that he would work on the challenge with Cara Maria every day

CT Tamburello competing at The Challenge

CT recently revealed more information about his history with Cara Maria on the Challenge Mania Podcast where he was interviewed by hosts Derrick Kosinski and Scott Yager. Although CT did not join the cast of ride or die after his epic win with Kaycee Clark The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies final, The hosts were curious to know who he would have picked as his ride-or-die partner. CT immediately responded by saying, “I would have to go with my homegirl Cara. Are you kidding me?” The immediate reaction made that clear among all The challenge female competitors could have picked CT, Cara Maria is outstanding for him.

CT spoke about his long history with Cara Maria about the challenge

Cara Maria Sorbello competes in The Challenge

Given its excellent reputation in The Challenge, It’s clear that CT takes winning very seriously. In the podcast, he spoke about his regrets at losing a tangram puzzle along the way Free Agents in the same episode where Cara Maria was eliminated after breaking her arm. Legendary Challenge Veteran CT said: “One of the things that always haunted me is when I couldn’t figure out that tangram, when Cara had a broken arm and nobody would help her.” Although Cara Maria’s elimination that episode was out of his control, CT clearly wishes they had made it to the finals together.

Another reason CT cited when explaining why he wanted to compete with Cara Maria was their long history together. The two have not only competed in several seasons The challenge together for over a decade, but CT added: “Her mother still lives down the street from my mother, I believe. A lot of people don’t know this, but Cara went to the same high school as my little brother.” Considering the ties between her family, it makes sense that CT and Cara Maria would be ride-or-dies in both game and real life.

Considering the impact they both had on the game, a CT and Cara Maria competition together would be an exciting addition to their legacy The challenge. CT continues to regret his loss free agents, and his ties to Cara Maria, dating back to their school days, would motivate both legends to perform well together in a partnership dynamic. Although they missed it ride or die The two could always return as partners in a future season.

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