Why CBS was right to subtly dwarf the controversial Big Brother winner

CBS recently released the first promo for Big Brother Season 25. In the short video, the show may have subtly hinted at a controversial previous winner. While it was shocking to see the show publicly shadowing a former contestant, they actually had a right to do so.

After weeks of rumors surrounding the new season, fans have finally gotten a glimpse of the milestone season. CBS announced this in mid-May big brother 25 will premiere on Wednesday, August 2nd. This is a month later than fans were expecting, as new seasons usually premiere in late June or, more recently, early July. It’s unclear what prompted the later premiere date; However, the recent writers’ strike is believed to have played a role in the decision.

Season 21 winner Jackson Michie does not appear in the video montage

In announcing the season 25 premiere date, CBS also subtly eclipsed one of the series’ former winners. The promo for the upcoming season included a video montage of all previous houseguests who were crowned winners on finals night. The only past winner who was rightfully unseen was season 21’s Jackson Michie. Jackson was one of big brothers most controversial player. During his time on the show, Jackson made racist and rude comments to fellow guests. So it’s understandable why the network doesn’t want to brag that someone like him won the show.

The video featured all previous winners in preparation for Season 25

Enzo Palumbo and Cody Calafiore at the Big Brother 22 All Stars finale

Jackson was the only former Big Brother Winner is not visible in the video montage; However, they contained a short clip of his last episode. While all of the other previous winners were clearly visible in the video, Jackson was obscured by the confetti in his clip, casting a subtle shadow on the former player. Although there have been numerous controversial players in the past, some of whom won and actually featured in the video, Jackson is considered the worst of them all. In fact, many longtime fans don’t even associate him with the game. So it makes sense why CBS refrains from showing his face during the exciting season promo.

Though Jackson ultimately won his season, he’s not the type of player, let alone a winner, that the show wants to encourage. Big Brother has worked hard to prevent players like Jackson from appearing on the show. Subtly not showing him in the video is just another option Big Brother is working towards her goal of no longer having houseguests like him compete on the show. Ultimately, it was a good decision by CBS to subtly not include Jackson in the series big brother 25 promo video. A new and hopefully better winner will be chosen soon Big Brother Season 25 premieres Wednesday, August 2 on CBS.

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