Why 1000 Pound Sisters fans are missing old Amy Slaton on YouTube

Before 1000 pound sisters, Amy and Tammy Slaton shared their lives on YouTube and fans are missing old Amy in their videos. The two sisters often took part in hilarious challenges, presented fun makeup tutorials and did food reviews. Amy’s relaxed and funny videos caught fans’ attention and these kind of YouTube videos are the ones that her followers miss.

1000 pound sisters Amy Slaton has garnered a following for her offbeat sense of humor and laid-back attitude to life. She can laugh at herself and have fun even in challenging moments. Before Amy made a splash in the reality television realm, Amy mesmerized viewers on her own YouTube channel and garnered an impressive following.

1000 Pound Sisters fans loved Amy Slaton’s old YouTube videos

Even if Amy has reached a new level of fame 1000 pound sisters, She is still active on her YouTube channel and regularly posts content. While she still occasionally shares makeup tutorials and updates about her family, she has geared many of her videos towards creating product reviews. Amy continues to share updates on social media, but YouTube is no longer at the forefront. 1000 pound sisters Fans appreciate that she takes the time to interact with her followers and give her honest opinions, but they miss her older YouTube videos.

Recently Amy uploaded a new TEMU haul video that she received and talked about the items in detail. She hasn’t lost her sense of humor and charm, though 1000 pound sisters Fans feel that she has lost her confidence. Amy received feedback from her followers who believe she undersells herself. She has been using filters on her videos lately, which is disappointing to her viewers. Fans feel that filters hurt Amy’s self-esteem and hampered her creativity. A fan commented on her video, “I really love your videos but I agree with the others, please don’t use filters, you are beautiful just the way you are.”

Amy Slaton’s new approach to content creation from 1000-Lb Sisters

Amy Slaton 1000 pound sisters

Now that Amy is busy filming 1000 pound sisters and mother of two little boys she doesn’t have as much free time as she used to. Amy’s previous YouTube videos, which started her path to television, often had no time limit and focused on her throughout the video. Lately, she’s been using voice-overs in her videos instead of sitting directly in front of the camera for the duration of the video.

Amy struggles with motherhood and all the responsibilities that come with it while raising two sons. 1000 pound sisters Because her life has changed so much over the years, fans understand that she is now pressed for time and doesn’t have the same freedom that she did when she started. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t nostalgic for their old content. Another fan commented on her video and shared her thoughts: “Amy I love you and I understand you’re super busy but please try to go back to the old seat unboxing style videos.”

Despite the feedback Amy has received, she still likes to go back to her roots and remains active on her YouTube channel. Amy’s exposure on 1000 pound sisters has changed many things in her life, including what is expected of her. The pressure to be in the spotlight is growing strong, but one thing that hasn’t changed is Amy’s personality and her ability to march to the beat of her own drum.

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