Who is the first Love Is Blind couple to accept proposal in Season 4?

Warning! This article contains SPOILERS for Episodes 1-5 of Love Is Blind Season is blind season 4 is back with the first five episodes, including a bunch of propositions. In the first three episodes of the hit reality dating show experiment, couples connected in the pods, allowing them to nurture their romantic and emotional connections without the distraction of looks. This led to five engagements, including the first engagement between a couple that quickly clicked despite an early hiccup.

The last three seasons of the Netflix series love is blind has led to a string of engagements, although only four couples from the show are still together. Two couples out love is blind Season 1 and two pairs out love is blind Season 3 are still in relationships while none of the love is blind Season 2 relationships worked out. However, there could be another lasting couple to join the franchise after that love is blind Season 4. This season there are 30 singles from the Seattle area who have joined the love experiment, including 15 women aged 26-39 and 15 men aged 27-37. These performers sought love without first seeing their partner.

Love Is Blind’s Tiffany Pennywell Says Yes to Brett Brown’s Marriage Proposal

Tiffany Pennywell and Brett Brown Love is Blind 4

The first suggestion love is blind Season 4 took place during Episode 2 when Brett Brown proposed to Tiffany Pennywell a day after she fell asleep on him. Brett, a 36-year-old design director, and Tiffany, a 37-year-old customer executive recruiter, made an instant connection in the pods. Their romance was briefly cut short when Tiffany fell asleep at the same time Brett was professing his love for her, leaving him confused and angry. However, he forgave her the next night and proposed to her without ever seeing her face. “You understand me, you understand me and you want me to be a better man,‘ Brett said to Tiffany during the marriage proposal, while she eagerly accepted his offer of marriage.

Tiffany & Brett first met after getting engaged

Tiffany and Brett didn’t have their full connection in the pods shown love is blind Season 4, although aside from their sleep incident, they appeared as a seamless couple. Brett opened up about his past and his work success as he went from not getting a college degree to becoming a top shoe designer. Upon first meeting in person, the duo expressed mutual attraction and admiration for one another. “You’re perfect,” shouted Brett to his potential future wife. “You are absolutely gorgeous inside and out.” he gushed. Tiffany and Brett immediately kissed, showing their attraction to each other and excitement for their future.

Will Tiffany & Brett last? love is blind

Although only the first five episodes of love is blind Season 4 aired, Brett and Tiffany appear as the strongest of the five featured couples who made it past the capsules and enjoyed the trip to Mexico. The love is blind The couple had clear chemistry and physical attraction when they met on the first night and went all the way physically during the trip. Tiffany shared in episode 5 that she “Intimacy taken to the next level,‘ which made both of them very happy. Meanwhile, the pair haven’t aired any messy fights or drama, suggesting they could be next love is blind permanent game to join the franchise.

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