What love is blind couples still together?

love is blind is a unique dating show that challenges couples to get married after only knowing each other for a short time, making it no surprise that only a handful of relationships endure. The hit Netflix reality TV show has aired three seasons and is about to air its fourth. While marriage is the goal love is blindonly select couples married, and even fewer couples stayed together.

To focus on emotional connections, the Netflix series love is blind challenges singles to fall in love without seeing each other. Performers first connect in isolated pods so they can get to know each other without seeing their potential partners. They then propose marriage based on emotional connections and move in with their partners, where they face accelerated relationship milestones and challenges. The goal of love is blind is to work through real life situations such as living together, meeting friends and family and planning a wedding before marriage. However, numerous couples find that they are not ready to tie the knot just yet, or that their spark is out. In total, only four couples are together in the first three seasons.

Amber Pike & Matt Barnett (Love Is Blind Season 1)

Love Is Blinds Amber Pike & Matt Barnett

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett are a love is blind Season 1 who actually survived the unlikely experiment in love to remain happily married. They had a quick and deep connection, with one of the easier transitions after exiting the pod and trying things out in the real world, though Jessica Batten tried to come between them. Amber and Matt are currently working on their fitness goals together in their loving and committed relationship and celebrated four years of marriage in November. They currently have a website where they sell CBD products while also being active on social media platforms like Cameo.

Lauren Speed-Hamilton & Cameron Hamilton (Love is Blind Season 1)

Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton are others love is blind Season 1 couple who defied the show’s slim odds and are still together. Lauren and Cameron had an immediate connection in the pods that led to engagement, marriage and fan-favorite status. The love is blind The couple share life updates on their Hanging with the Hamiltons YouTube channel, while Lauren and Cameron are also very active on social media and with other ventures. Lauren has a podcast called We have the receipts while the duo are happy to share that they are still very much in love.

Matt Bolton & Colleen Reed (Love Is Blind Season 3)

Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed are a love is blind Season 3, who had a more difficult journey as they faced more challenges on the show. Colleen asked if she was ready for marriage while Matt dealt with trust issues. However, they tied the knot on the show, only to reveal at the reunion that they were still together but living apart. According to Instagram, the couple is still together. Colleen has effusively praised her husband in several posts and spent the holidays with him last year while posting about him a month ago to confirm they are still together. However, there seems to be more uncertainty about Colleen and Matt judging by the comments on Colleen’s posts.

Alexa Alfia & Brennon Lemieux (Love is Blind Season 3)

Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux are fourth and last love is blind couple to stay together. The love is blind The season 3 couple aired a love story that left little doubt as they fell in love from the start and made it clear that they would be married by the end of their season. So it’s not surprising that Alexa and Brennon are still together. Alexa and Brennon are very much in love and happy to share their happiness and successes Wedding on social media. Very little love is blind Couples have had the same immediate and secure chemistry as Alexa and Brennon for the past three seasons.

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