What happened to Syreeta Covington after my 600lb life season 11

My 600 pound life Season 11 star Syreeta Covington wanted to change her life on the TLC series, and now there’s an update on her life. Syreeta was 31 years old and very overweight, so she sought help from renowned bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, also known as Dr. Now. When Syreeta began her weight loss journey with him, she was shocked to see that she had gained as much as 603 pounds. Syreeta lost some weight by taking Dr. Now’s diet and exercise program followed, but it wasn’t enough.

My 600 pound life dr Now approved Syreeta for weight-loss surgery on the condition that after her initial weight loss of 59 pounds, she would lose another 25 pounds in a month. But after four months, she had gained nine pounds instead. She went to therapy and worked hard to get Dr. To achieve Now’s next goal of losing 40 pounds in two months. Syreeta instead lost 29 pounds, but Dr. Now said he would operate on her if she continued to make progress over the next two months. After spending a year with Dr. Now, Syreeta lost 97 pounds and weighed 506 pounds.

Syreeta Covington of My 600lb Life kept trying to lose weight

After My 600 pound life Syreeta has not shared if she has undergone weight loss surgery. There are many posts on her Facebook page that suggest she continued to train after the show ended. In her latest photos from Jan. 22, Syreeta appears to be staying the course and not gaining weight. In an August 2022 post, Syreeta wrote: “I literally worked out a full 48 minutes this time on my own without my trainer.” This post proved that she was motivated to lose weight.

Syreeta Covington of my 600 pound life is still married to her husband

Syreeta and her husband Lawrence are still married. In another photo released on January 22, Syreeta smiled while standing next to him. She looked like she had kept up with her weight loss transformation. Lawrence was a great source of support at Syreeta My 600 pound life Trip.

Syreeta had a difficult life growing up. As a survivor of psychological, physical, and sexual abuse in childhood, she turned to food as a source of comfort. However, through diet, exercise, and therapy, she worked hard to achieve her weight loss goals. At the end of her My 600 pound life In the episode, she revealed that she wanted to have a baby with Lawrence. Hopefully Syreeta will soon qualify for weight loss surgery and lead a healthier and happier life.

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