What happened to Mitchell Eason after Perfect Match

Mitchell Eason of The circle Season 2 is known for being an alleged virgin who refuses to stop saying: “Ferke” on screen, and he’s had quite a tumultuous run Perfect match Season 1. He only appeared briefly at the beautiful Panamanian mansion, along with his feisty ex-girlfriend and co-worker Circle Alum, Chloe Veitch. However, the zany Pennsylvania native has been busy, at least online, since the brand new dating show ended. The controversial reality TV show contestant has been keeping his social media platforms updated since the show began filming in March 2022.

After what must have been a gloomy run Perfect match, Mitchell wasted no time before reviving what little fame he possessed. His chiseled chin and smoldering gaze distracted unsuspecting viewers from his insufferable personality, at least temporarily. He specifically insisted on allegedly preserving his virginity and replacing: “Fuck” with, “ferk.” Although he presented himself as bizarrely cheerful to both The circle And Perfect match, the drama around him was hard to ignore. The fact that the strictly Christian model was anchored in a love triangle certainly made for compelling reality TV.

Since Perfect match, Mitchell has been active on social media. He has a Mitchell Instagram, as well as TikTok and Twitter accounts. Remarkably, he’s posted cheeky behind-the-scenes videos of himself and the other matchless singles. In a @mitchelleason video, Mitchell even flirtatiously kissed Diamond Jack, a love is blind Alum, who went unmatched for the duration of the show, captioned the video: “You really missed all the fun that happened off camera.” Mitchell also wasn’t shy about adding model shots and tweeting about his relationship with God.

Mitchell is rekindling with his ex Chloe Veitch

Mitchell’s love triangle with fun-loving Chloe and Shayne Jansen (a controversial one love is blind alum), was the crux of his performance Perfect match. After Chloe was asked out on a date with Shayne, she fell head over heels in love with the reality TV star, who reportedly applied Perfect match while he was still in a relationship with his ex, Natalie Lee. However, when Chloe’s ex Mitchell appeared on the board, competitors sent Chloe out on a date to stir up the pot.

Sparks immediately flew between Chloe and Mitchell, who dated eight months after her performance The circle. The reason for their split is unknown, but it could be due to Mitchell’s strict rules on sexuality. As an alum of the Sexually Motivated Too hot to touchwaiting for marriage doesn’t really seem to fit Chloe’s style.

Speaking to Chloe on a private date, Mitchell expressed that he wasn’t ready to seriously date or get married. This confused Chloe as he had decided to be on a show named Perfect match, which was about finding love. Chloe seemed in a hurry to get married and have children, while Mitchell wanted to wait more than fifteen years. However, this difference in life plans was the wake-up call Chloe needed. She broke up with Mitchell for good and when the two had access to the boardroom, she sent Shayne on a date.

Although Shayne and Chloe finished the show together, they are no longer a couple. In fact, Chloe appeared in a TikTok alongside Natalie and Circle: France‘s Ines Tazi teasing about her past relationship with Shayne. In contrast, Chloe has been seen in posts with Mitchell posted by Ines. It’s fair to say that the exes have remained on friendly terms.

Mitchell had a miserable run Perfect match, but his burgeoning modeling career, shirtless motorcycle rides, and signature online goofiness seem to be fulfilling him for now. While he doesn’t appear to be compatible with anyone from the series, he doesn’t appear to be dating anyone else either.

The Perfect match Star Mitchell is a confounding individual who is part of Netflix dating shows’ sex culture and claims to have puritanical religious views. His comments on his competitors’ Instagram posts consist mostly of rocket ship emojis, and no one seems to know what that means. Mitchell might not have found his perfect match, but he certainly stirred the pot with his bizarre personality, icy eyes, and chiseled abs.

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