What happened to Jeremy Roloff after LPBW season 19

Since Small people, big world Season 19 has come to an end, Jeremy Roloff has kept him busy. The TLC star has embraced his role as father and breadwinner to his family. Although he doesn’t have a regular job, he makes sure to keep his social media followers updated, thanks to a lot of help from his wife, Audrey Roloff.

Small people, big world Jeremy Roloff was first introduced on TLC when the show premiered in 2006. At the time, Jeremy and his twin brother, Zach Roloff, were just teenagers who loved hanging out with their friends and playing soccer. Jeremy shared his dream of taking over the family farm for years after his father Matt Roloff retired. However, plans changed after he met his wife Audrey and the duo took a step back from the show. In 2018, Jeremy shared that he would no longer be on the family series to focus on his marriage and growing family.

Little People Big World’s Jeremy Roloff builds houses

Since its time on Small people, big world finished, Jeremy was busy with his many projects. Jeremy and Audrey recently bought a farm just eight minutes from Roloff Farms. In June 2022, Jeremy shared an update on his $1.5 million home, which had four acres, four bedrooms, four bathrooms and mountain views. As well as Jeremy and Audrey’s family’s new home, Jeremy has also been hard at work preparing the family’s rental cabin for visitors.

Little People Big World’s Jeremy Roloff has three children

After Jeremy gave up filming Small people, big world, he was often set on fire for being a bad parent to his three children. Jeremy has been criticized for taking his newborn son, Radley, on a self-inflicted slip that may have seriously injured the child. The LPBW Alum often comes across as extremely nonchalant when it comes to his children’s safety. Another of Jeremy’s posts showed his daughter Ember crying as they took a barefoot walk through the woods, with Jeremy refusing to pick up his daughter when her feet hurt.

Most recently, Jeremy treated his family to a trip to Disneyland, where he was again criticized for his actions. While being pushed for an interview by his wife Audrey, the Small people, big world star revealed he was allowed to skip lines with his parents when he was a little boy because of their disability. Jeremy never seems to understand how his words come across, he is often confronted. Just like his brother Jacob Roloff, Jeremy has no plans to return to the family show and is happy that his wife can continue to post family updates.

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