What happened to Jacob Roloff after LPBW season 19

Jacob Roloff of Small people, big world was just a little kid when his mom and dad, Matt and Amy Roloff, decided to have their family filmed for TLC. Cameras often caught Jacob playing in the pumpkin patch while avoiding the cameras. After they left the show, there was a lot of curiosity about what happened to the recent Roloff.

The TLC show premiered in 2006 and received rave reviews when cameras showed what it was like to live as a little person in a world that wasn’t necessarily built for them. Amy and Matt shared their ups and downs as they raised their four children on their Oregon farm. Small people, big world‘s Jacob Roloff was the youngest of the couple’s children, and it was revealed that he often tried to hide from the cameras. As all four children grew older, they left the family farm to pursue their interests and find love. Jacob was no exception, as he also decided to set off on his own.

After years of staying out of the spotlight, Jacob returned to social media in 2019 to announce his marriage to Isabel Rock. Jacob has often been considered an enigma and the most mysterious in the world Small people, big world pour. In 2020, Jacob broke his silence on why he decided to leave the show. In what he called his declaration of freedom, Jacob revealed that his experience on the show had been far from perfect and shared that an executive field producer had groomed him.

Small people, big worlds Jacob is moving home

Jacob welcomed a son, Mateo, with Isabel in 2021, but the couple have declined to share a photo of his face. In 2022, Jacob shared that he had been invited to move back to Roloff Farms to help out his father, Matt. The news came as a shock as Matt had just fallen out with Jeremy and Zach Roloff. Jacob revealed that he and his wife had decided to move into a five-wheeler on the family land. Jacob is now Matt’s full-time worker, leaving some animosity between him and his brothers for a few months.

Jacob seems to be getting along with all of his now Small people, big world Family. During the holidays, Jacob was spotted helping his older brother Jeremy Roloff put up a larger than life Christmas tree in their new home. The youngest Roloff has also been spotted playing with his nephew Jackson and hanging out with his mother. Unfortunately, Jacob has no intention of returning to the show but will continue to help his father for now.

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