What happened to Doug Armstrong after Season 5 of My 600lb Life

My 600 pound life Season 5 aired some of the show’s strongest episodes, including Doug Armstrong’s, but what happened to Doug after the cameras stopped rolling is even more interesting. The TLC documentaries show the travels of the patients of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, who travel to Houston, Texas to submit to his care. While working with “Dr. Now, patients typically follow strict diet and exercise plans to try to qualify for bariatric surgery. Performers who lose enough pounds can minimize the health risks associated with obesity.

My 600 pound life Viewers found Doug at his worst. He weighed almost 700 pounds when he was introduced on the series. Luckily, Doug’s journey is included My 600 pound life‘s dr Younan Nowzaradan didn’t have a heartbreaking ending. In fact, his episode documented a fruitful beginning. After some difficulties with his program during the process with the doctor, Doug was able to lose a significant amount of weight. He qualified for weight loss surgery and had excess skin removed over the course of a few years. Though his journey was long, it benefited his general health and proved incredibly interesting to watch.

Doug Armstrong lost hundreds of pounds in my 600 pound life

According to Doug’s Facebook, it’s been eight years since he started his My 600 pound life journey to lose weight. He’s lost over 400 pounds and reaped the benefits. After losing weight that My 600 pound life The actor welcomed five children with his wife. They have continued to expand their family over the past few years. Doug and his wife have settled down with their children and keep their social media followers up to date with their daily lives. Occasionally, Doug also provides facts about his health.

My 600 pound life star Doug Armstrong is inspirational

Doug went through trouble before he found Dr. Now, and as he continued on his weight loss journey. Before he started taking his health seriously, he lived with trauma from being a victim of sexual assault during his childhood. Also, his parents left him. Due to his messy upbringing, Doug turned to food. It comforted him, and he struggled with an addictive personality regarding food and other vices, including drugs. With his mental health affecting his physical health, Doug is out My 600 pound life was wise to seek help. His wins are impressive as he has definitely progressed.

Although Doug has lived a quiet life now that his health is under control, it’s clear that he cares deeply for those living with weight and/or mental health issues. He champions these important issues on social media and draws attention to causes that some might not otherwise know about. With My 600 pound life Looking back on Doug’s past, his future with his family (and health) is clearly bright.

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