What Happened to Ashley Bernard in My £300 Life After Season 8?

Ashley Bernard had been on a transformative weight loss journey My 600 pound life, and has since changed her life. The Louisiana woman was 31 when she debuted on the hit TLC show in 2020. At the time, she weighed 637 pounds and suffered from various issues related to her morbid obesity. Living with her mother, Ashley relied on her family and older daughter to fend for themselves. Although she admittedly hated it, she had no other way of surviving as she was bedridden and unable to move.

Ashley consulted Dr. Younan Nowzaradan because she was tired of spending so much time at home and using a walker. The 31-year-old mother of two said her stress prevented her from getting fit and revealed she was an assault survivor. dr However, Now inspired her to take responsibility. He told her not to consider her past “Excuse.” As a result, Ashley made rapid progress and began training hard at the gym and running on the treadmill. Within months, the Louisiana woman lost a lot of weight and an impressed Dr. Now approved her weight loss surgery.

How Much Weight Has Ashley Bernard Lost?

Until Ashley’s journey continues My 600 pound life concluded that she had lost over 133 pounds in less than 12 months. But the 31-year-old mother didn’t stop there. She kept pushing for more and kept getting results. While the Louisiana native and single mom hasn’t revealed if she’s continued to lose weight, her latest pictures on social media suggest she’s come a long way. Ashley now leads an active lifestyle and appears to stick to her diet and exercise regimen. The mother-of-two weighs well under 400 pounds and appears to be doing well.

Ashley B. from My 600 Pound Life was active on Facebook

Ashley is active on social media and loves to share updates with them My 600 pound life fans. The single mom rarely posts full-body photos but likes to show off her beauty by sharing glamorous selfies on Facebook. The TLC star’s social media bio reads: “Beauty is not defined “Beauty is on the inside of a person’s shell” That seems to be her mindset. Over the years, Ashley has posted many photos of herself partying and enjoying her life. In her latest Instagram stories, she shows off twerking and flaunting her newly strengthened and curvy waist.

Ashley Bernard is thriving despite so many obstacles

Along with her physical fitness, Ashley has also improved her mental health. Shortly after her weight loss journey on the show ended, the new mom sought help and tried counseling. She then settled on a confident personality and tried many new activities. Over the years, Ashley has posted photos of her learning to use a gun at a shooting range and enjoying family gatherings. These days, Ashley posts motivational quotes for her friends and shares pictures of herself with her 36,000 followers on Instagram. Since her debut on My 600 pound lifeAshley has given birth to four children.

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