‘The Voice’ Season 22 Recap: Who Went Home and Who Made it into the Top 8 Tonight

The rollout of Voice results continued for Season 22 as the Top 10 took the stage on Tuesday night and were told which eight of them would make it through and which two had reached the end of their journey.

Here’s how the results worked this week: The seven artists with the most votes from America went through automatically. Then the bottom three had to perform at the Instant Save, America’s second choice for the top 10, while coaches Blake Shelton, John Legend, Gwen Stefani and Camila Cabello looked on, then tried to convince America to vote to save their artists.

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Who was eliminated on The Voice tonight? Rowan Grace
KiqueWer made it to The Voice Top 8: Bodie
Braden Lape
Bryce Leatherwood
Parijita Bastola
Omar Jose Cardona
Kim Kruse
Justin Aaron
Morgan Myles

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The night started with Team Legend – Parijita, Omar and Kim – taking the stage for a performance of “The Weight.”

Then presenter Carson Daly called the top 10 on stage – minus Kique, who was watching from afar because he had tested positive for COVID-19 – to begin the unveiling of America’s voices.

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Team Blake’s Bode was first to learn he would advance to the semifinals, followed by Team Camila’s Morgan Myles.

After a pause, the reveal resumed as Carson announced that Team Legend’s Omar Jose Cardona had made it, as had Team Gwen’s Justin Aaron.

A break in entertainment followed, during which Gwen and Justin took the stage with a rendition of “Burning Down the House.”

Next up was a clip of The Voice trainers playing a game from Blake and Carson’s new USA Network game show Barmeggedon, which premieres December 5.

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Then the remaining six performers returned to the stage, after which Brayden Lape was told by Team Blake that he would be moving on. He was followed by Team Legend’s Parajita Bastola and the last artist saved was Team Blake’s Bryce Leatherwood.

That meant Kique, Kim Cruse and Rowan Grace had to sing for the instant save.

For her last song on The Voice, Rowan’s song choice was “Landslide”.

“Every time she comes on stage, it’s like she’s watching a Grammy-style performance,” Blake said. “She performed this song as if she wrote it. Those are the songs she shines on.”

In second place was Kique, who sang “River,” which, like his performance the night before, was taped.

“It’s crazy because this show has so many talented people all the time, but it’s rare to come across an artist so young whose style is so unique,” Gwen said. “You can understand his personality through his unique voice. Kique is one of the most gifted singers.”

The final performance of the evening was Kim Cruse’s Believe.

“You saw all four coaches standing for Kim, America,” John said. “It was so beautiful, so spiritual, so moving. Your voice has so much soul and warmth. I truly believe you are one of the best singers I have ever worked with. You bring your personality to the songs in such a warm and beautiful way.”

Then the instant save voting began and when the numbers were tallied, Kim Cruse made it into the top 8.

The Voice airs Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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