The Challenge: Nelson Thomas is lucky to be alive after a car crash bursting into flames

Longtime competitor The challenge, Nelson Thomas, was recently involved in a horrific car accident and has a long recovery ahead of him. Although originally a candidate on are you the oneNelson went first The challenge At rivals III, and has competed in a total of nine seasons. Unfortunately, Nelson hasn’t had the best of luck The challenge. He rarely made it to the finals and never won, although given his heart and drive he might have a chance in future seasons.

Challenge Legend Nelson posted a scary update on Instagram detailing his recent car accident which appears to have happened on March 5th.”I was involved in a car accident‘ Nelson revealed, thanking those who filmed the accident and those who helped pull him out of the car.

After being rescued from the burning vehicle, Nelson is very thankful that he survived. “Words cannot describe how grateful I am to be alive‘ Nelson said in the caption. “I’m in high spirits and getting stronger. This will be a long road to recovery, but my fans, friends and family, please keep me in your prayers.”

Other Challenge participants showered love on Nelson

Nelson Thomas and Nurys Mateo wear helmets and smile at The Challenge

Nelson shared video of him being pulled from his car, along with photos of his painful-looking injuries and his companion Challenge Competitors flooded his comments with good wishes. Challenge Alumni such as Tori Deal, Cory Wharton, Kaycee Clark, Devin Walker, Darrell Taylor and others expressed their relief that Nelson survived the accident. One of the heartiest messages of support came from Nurys Mateo, Nelson’s close friend and ride or die teammate. “You are always in my prayers and now even more so!,” She wrote. “I am praying for a speedy recovery but you are one of the strongest people I know so I know you get that.”

Because he’s such a regular The challenge, Nelson has come extremely close to its competitors. Fans, too, have learned more about Nelson over the years, and his perseverance and entertaining ITMs are regularly praised. Although he has not yet been crowned Challenge Champion, it’s impossible to ignore the way Nelson is doing his best for the competition and not knowing the meaning of the word quit. Nelson may not be one of the most accomplished Challenge Competitors, but his dedication and heart have not gone unnoticed.

Based on the appearance of his injuries, Nelson will be recovering for some time and is unlikely to compete next season The challenge. Currently, viewers can see Nelson participating in the spin-off The challenge: World Championship, although that was filmed months ago – well before his most recent accident. Hopefully Nelson’s injuries won’t limit him The challenge too long, although he can always count on the support of his competitors.

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