The Best Energy: Vanderpump Rules’ Scheana and Lala rave about Ariana’s new romance with Daniel Wai

Vanderpump Rules Stars Scheana Shay and Lala Kent give strong endorsement to Ariana Madix’s new romance with trainer Daniel Wai in the wake of the scandal. Ariana and Daniel made their public debut at the Coachella festival in April. Since then, the two have been spotted on dates in Los Angeles and in New York City, where Daniel resides.

Scheana and Lala raved about it E! News Ariana has that “the best energy” with her new husband. Scheana, who hung out with the new couple at Coachella, said Daniel treats Ariana better than Tom Sandoval ever did. The “Good as Gold” The singer said she has never met her best friend “Light up the way she does when he’s around her, when she’s talking about him.” She raved about it “Really, really amazing just to see her so happy.” following the shocking betrayal by Sandoval and Ariana’s former girlfriend, Raquel Leviss. Scheana and Lala expressed their uncertainty about how season 11 will go with Sandoval and Raquel who just broke up.

Lala says Ariana’s new love gives her hope after Randall

Vanderpump Rules' Randall Emmett and Lala Kent look serious

Lala who didn’t make it “Recover from Betrayal” that led to her breaking up with Randall Emmett, the so-called romance “inspiring.” The single mom said Ariana’s happiness with Daniel makes her think: “Wow, maybe there are good men I can open up to.” And while things seemed to be moving fast for Ariana, Lala claimed that they were dating some time before their split “Sandoval, [was] Draining them, just draining their energy, smothering their fire… it was really sad for me to watch.” Lala, who had been at odds with Sandoval for some time, claimed the toxic relationship had a negative impact on her friendship with Ariana.

If Vanderpump Rules By the time Season 10 began, Lala had already voiced her hopes of getting Ariana out of the relationship. And while Scheana was also friends with Sandoval, she had her own issues with relationship dynamics, even bickering with Ariana about it in earlier seasons. Before the breakup, Lala also reminisced about Ariana “had a meltdown” and refused to discuss Sandoval’s conduct on camera. That Ariana is now doing well in a new girlfriend-sanctioned relationship and all the career advancements she’s had since the breakup will be remembered fondly by viewers as the series now looks at some of the worst times of her life.

This season has already been tough for Ariana, who lost her beloved dog Charlotte and her grandmother and felt Sandoval withdraw. A clip from the finale revealed that Sandoval and Raquel first had sex right after Ariana put Charlotte to sleep. In last week’s episode, Raquel asked Ariana about her relationship troubles with Sandoval, a shocking move considering their seven-month affair was well underway at the time. After the split, Sandoval publicly shamed Ariana’s depression in his interview with Howie Mandel. On the show, he began to put down Ariana and gushed over Raquel in comparison.

As awful as Sandoval and Raquel’s behavior was, it was pretty obvious that Ariana won the Scandoval. And even more so now that she’s embracing a happy new romance while the relationship Sandoval and Raquel ruined her reputation for is already over. Ariana also got a chance to take care of her ex and ex-girlfriend at the reunion, which was hinted at in the three-part special’s explosive trailer.

Vanderpump Rules airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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