The best dressed stars of the Chantel family

The Family Chantel explores the relationship drama set in the 90 Day Fiance family, but some of the featured cast are known for their style.

Many viewers are aware of the drama that is unfolding The family choir, but some of the performers are also known for their style. Chantel Jimeno and her younger siblings, Winter and Riverknight Everett, love fashion, as does their mother, Karen Everett. Meanwhile, her ex-husband Pedro Jimeno and his sister Nicole Jimeno and mother Lidia Jimeno also like to brag. However, The family choir Fans only admire the style of certain performers.

The last four seasons of The family choir have a development for many cast members on the aired 90 day fiance spin-off show. Chantel impressed viewers as she matured in her marriage and personality as her sense of style evolved alongside her personal growth. In contrast, Pedro disappointed fans by dumping Chantel after becoming cruel and then showcasing a questionable new post-divorce look. The Dominican native is now addicted to tight pants, turtlenecks and gold chains. Meanwhile, viewers have often slammed Nicole for her seemingly tacky attire. However, several The family choir Women are distinguished by their taste in clothing and styling.

3. Angenette Wylie is quietly underrated

Annette holds flowers on The Family Chantel

Angenette Wylie is the wife of The family choir‘s Royal Wylie, the eldest sibling of the Everett family. She just performed The family choir Season 2 and had issues with Chantel and Karen. However, a look at Angette’s Instagram shows that she has developed a classic, elegant and sophisticated style. Angenette looked beautiful on her wedding day and she prefers feminine looks that flatter her figure without being over the top. Annette then appears radiant in her pictures The family choirand the new mom is the perfect blend of feminine and classy while still being a practically dressed mom.

2. Winter Everett reveals her personality

Winter Everett from The Family Chantel wearing hat, pink dress and background

Fan favorite since losing weight The family choir Actress Winter has really intensified her style play. Becoming more confident in her own skin, Winter began experimenting with her looks and revealing her cheerful personality through her style, including colorful outfits and fun wigs. Winter sees fashion as a way to express yourself and always seems to enjoy her looks. She has modeled for numerous brands online and often gravitates toward pink and other bold colors that make a statement. Winter smolders in her looks because she portrays a mix of confidence and fun that makes her fashion unique and fresh.

1. Chantel Jimeno upped her style game

While both Winter and Chantel have a great sense of style, Chantel tends to be more selective when it comes to showcasing her looks online. That means Chantel’s looks are almost always hits, while Winter sometimes fiddles with an outfit despite being consistently beautiful. The family choir Star Chantel has upped her style game since her divorce, looking even more sophisticated, elegant and classy than ever. The 31-year-old beauty prefers elegant dresses, full glamour, and professional photoshoots to show off her looks. Lots The family choir Fans love Chantel’s elegant and sophisticated style that shows off her amazing figure.

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