Sunset Star Sale Confirms Death Threats After Explosive Chrishell Feud

The Sell ​​Sunset The feud between Nicole Young and Chrishell Stause in Season 6 has divided the agents, but given the egregious messages that have been sent, it seems to have spiraled out of control. A veteran agent of the “O” group but a newcomer to the series, Nicole found herself immersed in increasingly escalating drama this season. she accused Sell ​​Sunset The original and well-loved Chrishell received more recognition than she received for an entry that was given to both of them three years ago. The details weren’t fully worked out, but Nicole’s allegations extended to Jason Oppenheim as she felt it happened because of him “shred” on her then.

Sell ​​SunsetDuring the ongoing feud between the two agents, Nicole Young apparently receives hateful messages from viewers. page six reports that a source told them Nicole was going through it “A really difficult time.” “Coming from a normal, normal personal life, getting death threats and being labeled a meth addict overnight.” said the insider. Apparently, this deluge of threatening messages has resulted in Nicole canceling planned media appearances. Another source close to Nicole informed TMZ that some of those people who are dissatisfied with her even found out her personal phone number and home address.

Chrishell Stause urges selling Sunset fans to ‘make it fun’

In response to sources who opened up about Nicole’s situation, Chrishell posted an Instagram story to try and prevent this. She took note of the death threats Sell ​​Sunset Co-star has received, adding that as a reality TV star, she has experienced it herself. She wrote in part: “Your opinion helps make this show what it is, and I clearly have my own. But please keep having fun.” It’s important for Chrishell to speak out about the unnecessary criticism Nicole has received, but it’s clear from her words that she hasn’t forgiven her Sell ​​Sunset co-star.

The problem that Nicole tackled with Chrishell Sell ​​Sunset Season 6 was portrayed as overly dramatic. Her reasons for worrying about a real estate deal that had taken place three years earlier were incomprehensible and it got worse when she involved Jason. Chrishell then took it a step further when she accused Nicole of using drugs and refused to take the drugs back. Outwardly, it would be totally inappropriate, and possibly even a solicitation of termination of a position, for an employee to accuse their employer of romantically favoring a colleague, particularly as Chrishell was married at the time.

As Chrishell said, allowing viewers and fans to voice their opinions is part of what makes reality TV fun and entertaining. But when death threats and messages of pure hate are added, it becomes a serious problem. Obviously, reality TV and the general dynamic of the Oppenheim group creates all sorts of controversial drama, but it’s difficult to understand Nicole’s issue with Chrishell. That doesn’t justify getting their family members’ personal phone numbers and sending out threats. Sell ​​Sunset Season 6 didn’t end well for Nicole, but hopefully next season will be better for her.

Sell ​​Sunset Season 6 is available to stream on Netflix.

Sources: Page Six, TMZ, Chrishell Stause/Instagram

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