Sister wives: How Mykelti Brown is doing after giving birth

Sister Wives’ Mykelti Brown is sharing an update with her followers after recently giving birth to twins and sharing how she’s coping.

It makes sense that Mykelti Brown of sister wives is exhausted after becoming a mother to twins as she shared an important update. Christine and Kody Brown’s daughter has retired from the family show to be a mom. While she’s not always on the air, Mykelti has made sure to keep fans updated about her life.

sister wives Mykelti Brown has continued to share her young adult life sister wives for years. Viewers first watched her resist moving to Las Vegas, but then fell in love with the fashion world. The mother of three then went off to college where she met the love of her life, Tony Padron. TLC even featured the birth of Mykelti and Tony’s first daughter, Avalon, as she went into labor. Since then, Mykelti has risen and grown into himself. Though she surprised many by remaining close to Robyn Brown, Mykelti owns who she is and what she stands for.

Mykelti gets honest about motherhood

Just two months after giving birth and Mykelti has shown that she is still doing very well.weary.” While being a full-time mom has its upsides, the introduction of twins hasn’t made the journey easy for Christine and Kody’s daughter, who is now separated. Mykelti is now a mother of three children under the age of two, and she’s had energy levels drop between two late-night meals and walking behind a toddler Mykelti gave birth to sons Archer Banks and Ace McCord just nine weeks ago.

Mykelti shares the joys of being a mother

Mykelti shared that overall she felt “basically happy.” The sister wives star revealed she currently gets between three and five hours of sleep, but the hours aren’t consecutive. While Mykelti loves her boys, if they wanted to rest a few more hours to give her a break, she wouldn’t complain. Mykelti proudly shared that her daughter Avalon had been asleep for eight hours.

Although Mykelti might be a bit exhausted, she tries her best to enjoy every moment of her sons’ daily activities. While being a parent can be difficult, it must be nice that Mykelti’s mother, Christine Brown, lives just minutes away as she is usually there to help her daughter. Mykelti was a strong shoulder for her mother to lean on as she helped pack the home in Arizona and bring her back to Utah. Now that she has her mother around, Mykelti looks sister wives will probably find it easier to rest and take care of their children.

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