Sister wives Christine and Kody Brown finally start talking

Sister Wives’ Christine and Kody Brown haven’t spoken to each other in months, but has her mood changed lately and become more cordial?

Ever since Christine Brown left that sister wives The couple has yet to speak to Patriarch Kody Brown as of November 2021, but that may have just changed. Christine made it clear last season that she would no longer sit around pining for a man who didn’t love her anymore. Kody pretended to be shocked by his third wife’s confession and tried his best to play the victim.

But no matter how badly Christine never wants to talk to Kody again, the former couple shares 13-year-old Truely Brown. A source close to the family reported The USA. Sun that both Christine and Kody were in touch to work out a schedule of visits that would work for everyone. According to the source Kody “Always calls Christine” to speak to his daughter.

Why he really doesn’t want to see Kody

Sister Wives' Kody Brown up close in a confessional

The source close to popular sister wives The family noted that Kody “missed” Truthful and tries to see her often, although the teen is happily spending more time with Christine in Utah. Kody’s visits to his daughter have been amicable, with the family confidant telling readers that whether he sees her on FaceTime monthly or during the week, Kody makes an effort. The most exciting realization was that TLC viewers will be able to witness the custody agreement next season.

Kody has been absent from most of his life as a father, which Truely has noticed. During the last season of sister wivesShe really fended off her father’s attempts to talk to her about his divorce from Christine. Addressing the fact that he was iced over, Kody opined that it was probably Christine’s fault. Truely is also uncomfortable going to Robyn’s house since her mother doesn’t get along with Kody’s fourth wife.

Christine recently shared a photo of Truely and her fiancé, David Woolley, on Instagram. The mother-of-six applauded David for excelling as a father figure during this difficult transition period. There’s no doubt about it sister wives The fan favorite tried to nudge Kody by showing how committed David is to Truely. One of the main reasons Christine chose to leave their marriage was the way Kody treated his children, often ignoring them when they disagreed with his views. For now, Truely seems content with her new life, regardless of whether or not her parents decide to co-parent them.

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