RHONY: What happened to Simon van Kempen after Season 4

At The Real Housewives of New York CitySimon van Kempen was Alex McCord’s controversial husband and it’s time to let fans know what he’s been up to since appearing on the show. The van Kempen family relocated to Australia from Brooklyn, and the former luxury hotel manager decided to return to school while abroad to pursue a law degree. Simon and Alex are still happily married and their sons Francois and Johan van Kempen are teenagers.

At RHONY, Simon caused a lot of drama among the women in Alex’s circle of friends. The housewives were puzzled by Alex’s codependent relationship with her husband and the couple’s obsession with climbing the social ladder in New York City. RHONY Housewives often poked fun at the couple’s decision to live in Brooklyn instead of Manhattan. This made them the underdogs on a show full of Upper East Side celebrities. Simon and Alex’s parenting skills were called into question when their sons engaged in disruptive behavior in front of the women at a restaurant. However, in 2010, Simon co-wrote a parenting book with Alex titled Little kids, big city. Like many Bravo stars, Simon capitalized on his reality fame by releasing a pop song called “I Am Real” in 2011.

Simon was a memorable homemaker RHONY, and he went from one of the least favorite characters to a fan favorite. He crashed season one’s infamous dinner party at Jill Zarin’s apartment, which was supposed to be one “Girls night.” In Season 2 was Simon RHONYis Jill’s surprise partner in a tennis match against Ramona and Mario Singer because Jill’s professional tennis player friend dropped out. There was RHONY Scenes that got viewers excited about Simon, mostly because they loved watching his rivalry with Ramona. When Simon hit the big screen, he grabbed everyone’s attention with his bold fashion choices, his interesting conversations with Alex, and more.

After leaving RHONY After season four, Simon left the big city and moved to Australia to be closer to his relatives. According to Simons LinkedIn, he attended Southern Cross University in New South Wales in 2015 and earned an Associate and Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree. He continued his studies at the College of Law in Sydney, Australia, earning a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice. After completing his law degree, he graduated RHONY Graduate and lawyer Simon opened a law firm with his brother Adam van Kempen, where he works as a lawyer and director.

Though Simon, who lives a quieter life these days, doesn’t post to Instagram very often, most of his grid is filled with photos of food, nature, and examples of political activism. His followers can also see how much the van Kempen boys have grown and keep up to date with their lives. Francois is 18 and Johan is 16 and they are no longer the kids who performed in fancy restaurants. Of course, Alex is also frequently featured on Simon’s social media. the previous RHONY The couple’s relationship is stronger than ever and they celebrated their 21st marriage anniversary last year. Like Simon, Alex graduated from Australia with a Masters of Professional Psychology.

Bravo cameras made Simon van Kempen a household name The Real Housewives of New York City. However, fans are happy that Simon has chosen a simpler life in Australia. He is an established lawyer who runs his own practice and speaks his mind when it comes to politics. Alex and Simon have a solid marriage and are raising their teens in a new country. Simon’s absence from reality TV has only made his life better and in a positive direction.

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