RHOM: Best fan reactions to Lisa Hochstein’s new alleged boyfriend

Lisa Hochstein has had a tough ride The Real Housewives of Miami Season 5 but the rainstorm has a rainbow at the end as she is said to have a new man and fans are commenting on this. Meanwhile, her ex Lenny Hochstein quickly becomes one of them The real housewives The franchise’s greatest villains. The callous way he treated Lisa gave the season an authentic drama that’s sorely lacking in other cities. While it was heartbreaking to see Lisa’s abuse, the glaring evidence of Lenny’s bad behavior will be a lasting testament to her experience.

There was a lot of drama outside of their marriage RHOMAnd All the women have rallied around Lisa after Lenny’s cold demeanor. When Lisa repeatedly considered reconciliation, her colleagues told her not to go back to someone who treated her like this. Marysol Patton (whom Lisa affectionately refers to as “Ape” on the screen), And RHOM OG Leah Black was particularly strict with Lisa. Even Larsa Pippen turned and chose Lisa’s side. At the start of the season, it looked like Larsa could hit while Lisa was at its weakest. However, when Lisa was honest about the dissolution of her marriage, Larsa stopped sharpening her teeth.

RHOM and Bravo fans know Lisa deserves better

The cast poses in glamorous dresses for the RHOM Season 5 cast photo

The arrival of Lisa’s new boyfriend is cause for celebration for both the cast and fans of the series. Jody is co-founder and CEO of Introhive, a relationship intelligence service and data management platform. Lisa was first linked to Jody Glidden in 2022 and finally recently confirmed the relationship with Jody. Lisa tells ET that she is doing her best to keep going and wants to look back on this transitional period without feeling upset about it. When it comes to Jody, she says: “I think it’s kind of out of pocket. Yes, I am with him. I’m dating this guy. He’s a great guy.”

She had more to say ET: “He was super supportive… You may or may not see him at the reunion, but I don’t want to get into that too much. We’ll just see how that develops.” Lisa may just be comfortable with being completely honest right now, but fans have been behind the romance for months. Right after Valentine’s Day Julz tweeted, “​​YES LISA, YOU BETTER UPGRADE AND SHOW YOUR NEW HUSBAND. AHHH!!!”

Lisa has her RHOM happy ending on the horizon

RHOM Fans may not yet know Jody personally, but there’s no doubt that the looks are one RHOM Update. Then again, after Lenny’s cruel behavior, it’s hard to imagine that Jody’s character and heart won’t be an upgrade as well. Daily Bravo interfered, “Well one nice thing for Lisa H is that she will most likely get an Andy spot at the next reunion and she will finally get several packages about her. Tbh I want her to come back to the reunion with the hottest new boyfriend and hit Lenny on.”

Enduring a season of trauma is never easy. Lisa’s divorce has put her in the spotlight, but she hasn’t become any more selfish or selfish. Rather, she seemed genuinely consumed with grief. She also worries about her children and her future. It is a great blessing that Lisa has joined The Real Housewives of Miami Season 5 reunion with good news to share.

The divorce isn’t over yet and Lisa may owe her lawyers a lot of money, but the reunion won’t be all doom and gloom. Thinking about Lenny’s lousy behavior took up enough airtime, exciting as it was. Lisa is a good soul and everyone can see it. Her mother-in-law still has a weakness for Lisa. While Lenny fools around with women half her age, Jody gives in The Real Housewives of Miami Star Lisa gets the empathy and support she deserves and Bravo fans are there for it.

Sources: Julz/twitter, Daily Bravo/Twitter, ET

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