My 600 pound life: Marla McCant’s weight loss transformation in photos

My 600 pound life shared some of the most inspirational weight loss journeys including the Marla McCants story that has been completely transformed. Originally weighing almost 800 pounds, Marla sought the help of Houston resident Dr. Younan Nowzaradan (usually known as Dr. Now) to prepare for weight loss surgery. She managed to lose enough weight to be eligible for surgery and then had a successful surgery and recovery with the help of her daughter Sierra.

Before the weight loss surgery, Marla was bedridden and unable to perform basic tasks. Therefore, it was difficult for the mother of three to relearn how to function as a workable person. After years of emotional eating and hard experiences that left her with very little motivation to succeed, My 600 pound life‘s Marla McCants made a drastic change. She was always making progress and thanks to her healthy lifestyle, she looks very different now, almost a decade after her episode first aired.

Marla weighed almost 800 pounds before my 600 pound life

As Marla’s story began, she traveled to Houston to meet with Dr. to meet now. At the time, she weighed almost 800 pounds. After years of emotional eating, Marla had become bedridden and needed her children’s help with everyday tasks. Her daughter Sierra had even moved in with her and traveled to Houston with her to help her mother. Despite trying to lose weight on her own in the past, Marla was unsuccessful after pouring all her energy into her family. Her life was at stake and this My 600 pound life star decided that Dr. Now to ask for help. She finally wanted to overcome her most difficult problem.

Marla from My 600-Pb Life lost weight after bariatric surgery

After her bariatric surgery, Marla lost a significant amount of weight. Initially still bedridden and struggling to move, she relied on Sierra to help her with everything. Frustrated with her mother, Sierra believed she was more capable than she thought. With the help of Sierra and medical professionals, Marla was able to stand up for the first time since surgery. From then on she made rapid progress. Marla quickly lost weight by following her diet and exercising. Although her episode of My 600 pound life After filming was over, Marla continued to make progress on her own. She documented everything for the future.

My 600-pound Life’s Marla McCants shares her story

After further sharing her inspirational story My 600 pound life, and continued to lose weight in a healthy, manageable way, Marla began posting photos of her progress on Instagram. She lost almost 560 pounds and came down to about 225 pounds. The significant weight loss changed her life and body. Today, Marla travels across America and works as a motivational speaker. She talks about grief and her weight loss journey. After My 600 pound lifeMarla continues to tell her story, inspiring others and making sure they always know there is someone who can relate to them.

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