Love Is Blind’s Shake Slams Nick Lachey After Alleged Assault

Shake confronted Chatterjee love is blind‘s Nick Lachey once again follows the host’s recent drama. Shake met Deepti Vempati and proposed to her love is blind and didn’t go down well from the start. In fact, he stars in some of the series’ most memorable moments, such as when he asked Deepti before blindly suggesting if he had “Problem” pick her up. The request was one of many cocky comments he made, which is outright negated love is blind‘s entire premise. Shake openly discussed his breakup with Deepti’s physical appearance and time throughout the season love is blind ended with his disrespectful behavior towards Nick.

love is blind‘s Shake Chatterjee took to Instagram to express his anger”low life“Nick follows the latest news around the love is blind Host. Shake shared an article detailing Nick’s current legal struggles after what was allegedly an aggressive argument, as shared by EThe had with a photographer, which has since led to him being ordered to attend anger management classes and AA meetings.

Shake added his own comment, with the caption reading in part: “I’ve always told you this guy is a powerful tool.” Immediately following the Instagram story, he shared another that aired video of the encounter, in which Shake wrote in part: “I can’t believe @netflix let this drunk give dating and marriage advice on shows like @loveisblindnetflix.”

Shake in the middle of a heated moment at the Love is Blind season 2 reunion, Kyle and Shayne on either side.

Unfortunately, Nick’s wife, Vanessa Lachey, was also added to the series of Instagram posts. After Shake’s angry address to Nick and Netflix, he added a third post tagging Nick’s Instagram handle and calling him a “Low Life” who has to apologize for his actions. Finally, Shake added: “(ps tell Vanessa I said what’s up).” This isn’t the first time Shake has addressed his attraction to the love is blind co-host. During the confrontation love is blind Season 2 reunion, Shake unprompted revealed that not only did he have no physical connection with Deepti, but that Vanessa was actually the only person on the show he was attracted to.

Shake was initially ostracized after filming, but he’s since made amends with Shayne Jansen and a few love is blind Season 3 cast. Shake’s behavior and comments towards Deepti and throughout filming were not only unfavorable but at times became deplorable. Kick back towards the shake only with the amplified love is blind See you again in season 2 where the cast members usually use this space to apologize and reflect on their mistakes. To no one’s surprise, Shake wanted to use recent Nick headlines to justify his dislike of him.

Questions remain as to why Shake joined a show that explicitly shows intention to fall in love based on everything but physical appearance. Shake clearly has an inner anger that was revealed in his relationship with Deepti and further confirmed when confronted with the love is blind Host. Shake stands by his behavior and has made it clear that he disagrees with Nick. The love is blind Alum explained that he won’t be participating in shows hosted by Nick, and since he’s become the go-to person for Netflix dating shows, it doesn’t look like Shake will be making an appearance again any time soon.

love is blind Season 4 starts March 24th on Netflix.

Sources: Shake Chatterjee/Instagram, ET/YouTube

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