Love Is Blind Season 3: Are Raven Ross & SK Alagbada Still Dating?

love is blind Season 3 featured some of the most dramatic couples in the show’s history, including Raven Ross and SK Alagbada. The pair chose each other during the show’s pod phase and SK proposed to Raven unseen. Sparks flew when the two met, and the pair were clearly pleased with their mate choice, although things wouldn’t stay calm between them for long.

At the end of the season, Raven and SK drop out love is blind Season 3, wanted to get married. Raven, whose family chose not to attend the wedding, even spent time with SK’s mother and sister before the wedding to learn about his cultural traditions. SK’s family accepted Raven and she developed a relationship with his mother as they neared their wedding date. At the altar, Raven was ready to marry SK and begin their life together, but he eventually said no to Raven, leaving her confused. The couple reconciled after their failed wedding and decided to try dating rather than jump into marriage.

Raven & SK date long distance after love is blind

After love is blind ended their season, Raven and SK decided to try the long haul. With SK in school in California while Raven taught Pilates and living in Dallas, the couple had a fair amount of distance between them, but it seemed like it was working out. When SK returned to Dallas, their relationship seemed strong. Raven mentioned that they settled into each other’s lives and that they both hoped to take their relationship to the next level. SK proposed to Raven during the Love is blind: after the altar episodes to air a few months after the season ends, and she accepted.

Raven was shocked to learn of SK’s leaks

Shortly after Raven accepted SK’s proposal, she found out that her Nigerian-born fiancé had cheated on her. While the couple had been trying to process their long-distance relationship, SK had gone on to several different affairs, many of which Raven exposed on TikTok. Although Raven was surprised by the allegations, she wanted to understand the extent of SK’s behavior and continued trying to figure out exactly what happened. The couple split in late 2022 and Raven has since said she is back together, while SK has remained relatively quiet since the social media drama.

Featuring SK and Raven breaking up and getting back together love is blind, The fact that they eventually got engaged and broke up very quickly afterward was shocking. The breakup is still affecting Raven and SK in different ways, but they seem to have drifted apart quickly. Both Raven and SK don’t seem interested in a future reconciliation, but despite all the drama between them, they seem to wish each other the best.

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