Lisa Vanderpump Admits Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Reunion Twist Could Cause Cast to Quit

Lisa Vanderpump shared that, despite knowing the big twist that will come at the end Vanderpump Rules She won’t give up on the Season 10 reunion. The drama has been unfolding over the past few weeks, with the final episode and the first part of the reunion airing recently. With more shocking news to come, anticipation for the final two reunion episodes is growing in the coming weeks.

In an interview with page six, Vanderpump Rules‘ Lisa Vanderpump was joined by executive producer Alex Baskin in teasing for a big movie “Twist” That comes in the last reunion episode. Baskin revealed it was coming, and Lisa said: “I won’t say what it is” then joked “Okay, I’m telling you – it’s me who’s shagging Andy [Cohen]!“ Although neither of them offered any spoilers, Alex said the twist was so shocking that he doesn’t know if some of the cast members still want to be in it Vanderpump Rules after it was revealed.

VPR’s Lisa Vanderpump defends herself after speaking to Tom Sandoval

The tenth season of “Vanderpump Rules” was a rollercoaster ride centered on the scandal in which Tom Sandoval cheated on Ariana Madix. Tom has been cheating on his co-star Raquel Leviss for seven months. Lisa was shown during the Vanderpump Rules In the season 10 finale, he tried to calm Tom down while he was hyperventilating and having a panic attack. After critics suggested she appeared to be on his side, she defended herself by saying it was a difficult situation to deal with, adding: “A lot of people criticized me and said, ‘Why didn’t I go after him and hit him and scolded him?’ But everyone had already done that.”

While Lisa continued to condemn his actions, it still angered people a little. The whole situation was tense, and since the news of the affair broke in March and all the episodes are just beginning to air, that’s a lot for the whole thing Vanderpump Rules Cast to have to keep going through. Tom and Raquel were absolutely wrong, there’s no doubt about that. After all the ups and downs, it’s unknown what this shocking twist that’s about to happen might be. The whole scandal has already fueled rumors that some of the cast, like Tom and Raquel, may not be returning Vanderpump Rules season 11

Hopefully the twist, whatever it is, is positive and most stars will want to move on with it Vanderpump Rules. After what they all went through last season and when the episodes come out, it would have been a rough time for everyone involved. Lisa is the namesake of Vanderpump Rules, and while she definitely tries to be nice to everyone, time will tell if everyone still wants to be with someone who isn’t really inclined to choose sides. While everyone deserves compassion to some degree, there are people who definitely deserve it more than others in this situation.

Vanderpump Rules airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo.

Sources: Page Six, Lisa Vanderpump/Instagram

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