Kylie Jenner’s awkward red carpet exchange with Christine Quinn is going viral

Kylie Jenner, star of Hulu The KardashiansShe’s gone viral for an awkward red carpet exchange with the former Sell ​​sunset Actress Christine Quinn. After leaving the Netflix reality hit and the Oppenheim Group, Christine turned her focus to a career in fashion. Meanwhile, Kylie and the Kar-Jenner family’s dedication to high fashion was showcased on the Met Gala episodes of their Hulu show. But despite their shared backgrounds in reality TV and high fashion, Kylie and Christine’s interaction went viral for all the wrong reasons.

The awkward interaction between Kylie and Christine took place on the red carpet at the CFDA Awards, where Kylie’s sister Kim Kardashian honored the SKIMS brand. Though the awards took place in early November, the red carpet moment didn’t go viral until a clip was posted by TikTok user @jennerkyliehere, which quickly racked up around 2 million views. The entire interview had been posted to YouTube by the CFDA channel two weeks earlier. The clip began with Christine hugging Kylie, who looked very confused by the gesture. said the beauty mogul “Nice to see you,” suggesting that she did not know her interviewer’s name and attempted to walk away. However, a possibly unsuspecting Christine continued to ask her questions. Throughout the interview, there were several signs that Kylie was uncomfortable while Christine, who has a reputation for lying, was overly familiar. After the former real estate agent called out “You look great, enjoy doll” Kylie completely ignored her. @jennerkyliehere captioned the clip with the following words: “Kylie’s look at the end says it all” The very confused expression on the face of the mother of two when she was finally able to walk away from Christine deserves special mention.

TikTok winces at Christine Quinn & Kylie Jenner

Selling Christine Quinn from Sunset

Many TikTok users expressed their embarrassment for Christine in the secondhand comments. Most of the reactions were similar to jarreddoyle13, who received nearly 1,700 likes for saying Kylie had no idea who Christine was. Another named Erik wrote: “Christine just acts like she knows people.” Though Kylie’s own TikTok account drew backlash, the app’s users appeared to be overwhelmingly on her side. After adding a user “Kylie walk away as fast as she could lmmaoooo” another replied, “Kylie was trying to escape haha.” However, other comments claimed the 25-year-old’s behavior may not have been snubbed specifically towards Christine. Instead, they argued that the Kylie Baby CEO has a history of being clumsy at big red carpet events. MsAndie7 wrote, “Kylie once said she just didn’t know how to talk to people.”

Whether Kylie was particularly stunned by Christine’s behavior or just plain embarrassed, the clip prompted some of the least critical reactions to her and her famous family in weeks. As Season 2 of The Kardashians ended, the internet bluntly proclaimed the show disappointing, boring, and fake. Viewers also expressed frustration with how the show felt like promoting the Kar Jenner sisters’ various brands. While Kylie was praised for speaking out about postpartum depression, fans were upset that she didn’t share her son’s new name, formerly known as Wolf. Instead, she teased that it might be revealed in Season 3.

The Kardashians Seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on Hulu. The third season is currently in production. Kar Jenner fans will have to wait and see if the negative reaction to Season 2 translates to the future show. In the meantime, Sell ​​sunset will continue without Christine as it has been renewed for both seasons 6 and 7.

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