‘It’s triggering to see certain people’: Amanza Smith blocks Sunset Star sales on social media

Amanza Smith wasn’t the center of attention Sell ​​Sunset Season 6 drama, but apparently she’s having issues with one of her co-stars, to the point that she’s blocked him on social media. Amanza joined the group in the show’s second season and has been an indispensable agent and character ever since. She was introduced as a new full-time single mom who is advancing her career and has a longstanding business relationship with Jason. Amanza quickly became popular with agents and viewers alike, and was particularly close to Mary Fitzgerald and Chrishell Stause. Sell ​​Sunset There was a lot of drama between the agents in season six that wasn’t all about Amanza, at least not on screen.

Selling Sunset’s Amanza Smith has confirmed speculation that she and longtime boyfriend Chrishell are no longer close. amanza posted a photo with the other girls in the Oppenheim group to advertise Sell ​​Sunset Season 6, and fans took to the comments section to express their disappointment with their decision to block Chrishell. Amanza confirmed that she blocked Chrishell and said: “Blocking shouldn’t be petty, it triggers seeing certain people.” Amanza urged her followers to do the same “Stay tuned” and this is her “Glad to share in due course” hints that she intends to reveal what happened soon. This is a surprising revelation considering Amanza and Chrishell have been close friends since the beginning.

Amanza mentioned Chrishell by her first name

Amanza Smith from Selling Sunset Season 2

Chrishell’s official first name is actually “Terrina”, with Chrishell being her middle name; and in some of Amanza’s comments, she referred to them as “T” or Terrina. Chrishell is a hybrid name combining “Chris” and “Shell”. Her mother decided to do so after receiving support from a Shell worker named Chris when Chrishell went into labour. It doesn’t seem like a big deal for Amanza to call Chrishell by her first name, but the latter has previously spoken out about why she chose to be called Chrishell when she was a teenager, for a variety of reasons. As such, Amanza’s abrupt and haphazard decision to no longer honor this is odd.

Something happened between Amanza and Chrishell, and it has nothing to do with Chrishell’s problems with Amanza’s friend and new agent, Nicole Young. This was made clear by Amanza in the comments section. Whatever happened between the two friends has not been shown Sell ​​Sunset Season 6, and whether it will be revealed by Amanza via social media or season 7, is the burning question. Chrishell has not yet commented on the matter and Amanza has merely confirmed that she has blocked and found it “triggering”.

Last season’s drama kept agents and viewers on their toes. Heated arguments broke out between many of the agents, which are currently being discussed, but nothing related to Amanza and Chrishell. Whatever the problem, it may not have arisen until after filming. Or maybe it was too much for reality TV (if that’s possible). It can be an envelope Sell ​​Sunset Season 6, but apparently the explosiveness between the women will increase in the next.

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