‘I Was There’: RHONJ’s Caroline Manzo Knows Who Called the FBI About Teresa Giudice

for years, The real housewives of New Jersey Alum Caroline Manzo has been accused of calling the FBI about Teresa and Joe Giudice, and she revealed that she knows more information about the incident. While still on the series, Caroline predicted that her former co-star Teresa and her ex-husband would be in prison, and was right in the end. This led Teresa to believe that Caroline could be the reason for her prison sentence. In 2015, Teresa and Joe were convicted of mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud. The RHONJ Star served 11 months while Joe received a 41-month sentence.

Accordingly page sixCaroline and her daughter Lauren Manzo were present at a live recording Virtual Reali Tea Podcast at City Winery in New York City. When asked if she called the FBI about Teresa, Caroline denied it, but shockingly replied: “I know who it was. PS I was there.

It appears Caroline is keeping the person’s identity a secret, as Lauren chimed in: “But we’ll never say who it was.“Although the former RHONJ Star knows the rumors about ratting out Teresa and Joe aren’t true, but she’s kept quiet. “I had to accept the fall” Caroline added: “Because you’re not a rat‘ Lauren finished, supporting her mother.

Caroline Manzo “protects” the identity of the caller

Caroline Manzo from The Real Housewives of New Jersey on WWHL

While Caroline’s bombing might spark speculation as to who actually called the police about Teresa, she refuses to reveal the person’s identity. “I took the blame to protect people who didn’t deserve the collateral damage and consequences once they come to light.‘ remarked Caroline. For now is the RHONJ Alum focuses on her family, including her husband, three children and granddaughter. “I have my baby, I have my children, we are all healthy. I have a healthy marriage…I don’t give a shit what you think of me because the facts remain the same.

Even though Caroline and Teresa were originally close friends RHONJ, their relationship slowly began to unravel over time. Teresa’s personal life was in shambles as her marriage to Joe was falling apart and her relationship with her brother Joe Gorga and sister-in-law Melissa Gorga was still shattered. As Caroline became more friendly with the Gorgas and Teresa’s legal situation came to light, she began to realize that Teresa didn’t seem like a real person after all. Teresa may have always been jealous of Caroline given her thriving marriage and solid family.

The two RHONJ Stars haven’t spoken in a while but continue to publicly upset each other. Regardless of whether or not the person who called the police about Teresa and Joe is revealed, hopefully Caroline will finally be exonerated if it ever comes to light. As all the drama between Teresa and her family continues to unfold The real housewives of New Jersey, Caroline is trying her best to stay out of it and enjoy her time away from the show.

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