Global dating show ‘Ramyun & Chill’ draws picks up steam on YouTube

Korean Dating Reality Show “Ramyun & Chill” (Naked Seoul)

Korean dating reality show Ramyun & Chill is gaining worldwide attention after its launch on DKDKTV’s official YouTube channel earlier this month.

“Ramyun & Chill” is a five-episode show in which five Korean male contestants and five female contestants from the US, Hong Kong, Belgium, South Africa and Malaysia date for four days and three nights to find true love while overcoming language and cultural barriers.

“The greatest feature of the program is that viewers can observe a chain of events taking place between participants from different cultures and backgrounds. As the world becomes more global, our goal was to spread positive awareness for international couples in Korea,” Kim Kyung-soo, the show’s executive producer, said in a released statement.

What sets “Ramyun & Chill” apart from other dating reality shows is that it allows viewers to delve deeper into the series thanks to its multinational cast. “Although they may not be as exceptionally good-looking as celebrities, they exude their down-to-earth and raw charm in every episode without any promotional purposes,” reads the statement released by Ramyun & Chill.

The show was filmed in a location that might be familiar to K-pop fans worldwide. The luxurious architectural attraction amidst a forest in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province has hosted video content from K-pop artists such as BTS, WannaOne and Blackpink’s Jisoo. BTS has previously filmed its reality show In The Soop in the area in 2020 and 2021.

The DKDKTV Original Series is uploaded every Tuesday. After attracting hundreds of thousands of views with thousands of likes and comments on YouTube, secondary clips of the show have also been shared on other online channels including YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

The show’s producer Lee Ji-yoon said, “We would like to thank viewers around the world who have given positive reviews and paid close attention to the show. We have already received a flood of requests to produce a second season of Ramyun & Chill. … Through the show, we wanted to bring Korean culture and the message of “love has no borders” to the world.”

Meanwhile, “Ramyun & Chill” was planned and produced independently and production studio Naked Seoul raised funds for the show on American crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It was able to raise around 60 million won (US$45,300) to produce the show.

With over 780,000 followers, DKDKT is one of the most well-known YouTube channels from the K-Pop world.

By Jie Ye-eun ([email protected])

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