Futurama Season 11 Releases First Synopsis

Futurama is gearing up for its second major revival with a new season of episodes arriving on Hulu later this summer, and Hulu has given fans a first taste of what they think of the new episodes with the first recap of Futurama Season 11 can expect! Although this will be known as the show’s 8th season due to Comedy Central’s designation of the final episodes, this is overall the 11th broadcast season for Futurama. But unlike the first revival, Futurama will make its debut at the height of the streaming era.

It’s been ten long years since Futurama was last seen on TV with new episodes, and of course that means a lot has changed both behind the scenes and in the Futurama world itself. As with the Comedy Central revival, it seems like Futurama Season 11 will tackle many of these changes head-on, as the teaser for this “modern” version of Futurama details the animated sitcom’s stance on things like “vaccines, bitcoin, Abandonment Culture, Streaming TV” and more with the first recap of the upcoming episodes.

What happens in Futurama Season 11?

The Futurama Season 11 synopsis begins by confirming that the Futurama revival will be treated with the idea that new viewers can see it while classic fans can hope to see their favorites again: “After a brief ten-year hiatus, Futurama is triumphantly over crawled out of cryogenics.” Tube, the full original cast and satirical spirit are intact. Season 11 has ten brand new episodes with something for everyone.” After that comes the big teasing.

The synopsis goes on to say, “New viewers can read the series from here, while long-time fans will make sense of the consequences of decades of mysteries — including developments in Fry and Leela’s epic love story and the mysterious content of Nibbler’s litter box, the secret one.” Story of the evil robot Santa Claus and the whereabouts of Kif and Amy’s tadpoles. Meanwhile, the city is gripped by a whole new pandemic as the crew explores the future of vaccines, bitcoin, abort culture and streaming TV.”

While it looks like Futurama will also delve into some of the big things that have changed in the past decade, there’s also the promise of a continuation of older storylines like Fry and Leela’s romance (perhaps even possibly the reason why they “The Other”?) and Böse has a robot Santa Claus origin! But what do you hope to see in the new season of Futurama on Hulu? Let us all know your thoughts on it in the comments! You can even contact me directly if it’s all about animation and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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