‘Extremely disrespectful’: Angela Deem’s weird tribute to Tina Turner angers 90 Day Fiancé fans

Angela Deem has irritated again 90 Day Fiancé Fans with a bizarre tribute to Tina Turner. The Georgia native is one of the most controversial stars on TLC and has often shocked viewers with her actions. A few weeks ago, Angela announced that she was traveling to Canada to meet her male friend and former crush, Billy. Since Angela never allowed her husband Michael Ilesanmi to have girlfriends, she was mocked for flying to another country to meet her male friend. Soon after, the grandmother was seen groping a stage singer in a leaked video, which angered even more people.

Once again, angela got excited 90 Day Fiancé Fans with a strange tribute to late singer Tina Turner. In her last Instagram post, she shared a photo where her face merges into Tina’s face. She captioned the video: “RIP QUEEN_OF_ROCK_AND_ROLL”, while respecting the singer.

However, fans were left stunned to see how insulting the whole thing looked as Angela intentionally blended her features into the iconic singer’s face. An Instagram user wrote: “How incredibly tasteless.” Another user commented: “Extremely disrespectful and classless.” Someone else suggested that Angela shouldn’t compare herself to Tina as she is respectful.

How Angela Deem can still redeem herself with the fansAngela Deem from 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After;  looks outside annoyed and holds her phone in her hand

Angela has drawn a lot of negative comments since she changed her image and started partying like a teenager. Most of her social media posts come across as deaf. But Angela still has time to redeem herself 90 Day Fiancé viewers if you wish. However, she has to sacrifice her current lifestyle to do so. If the grandma of six can share more sensible content on social media and show her motherly side, she can win fans she lost due to her current personality.

The main reason Angela is upsetting her fans is because she is not acting her age on social media. Over the months, she has posted obnoxious content that embarrasses her second-hand followers. Despite being in her late 50s, Angela has also posted various overly sensual posts on Instagram alongside pointlessly filtered videos. While Angela has experienced a great weight loss and seems more confident about her body, she’s not getting any applause from fans due to her off-putting content on social media.

Still, Angela understands her character and probably posts weird content on purpose to keep her Instagram engagement going. She knows she’s a TLC villain and uses this to her advantage on social media. Despite everything, Angela’s most notable trait is her mental toughness and thick skin. While many others 90 Day Fiancé Stars suffer major downfalls from hate on social media, Angela thrives on it and cheekily embraces it. She is focused on living her best life and posting content that makes her happy and is not afraid to get angry 90 Day Fiancé Viewers.

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