Everything we know about the Sunset Season 7 sale

Even though the sixth season has just ended, the mood is great Sell ​​Sunset Season 7 is already picking up speed. While the latest installment in the series had to find a new balance with the void left by original actress Christine Quinn, the rest of the series wasn’t quite as successful Sell ​​Sunset The crew did their best to ensure the drama ran at full steam throughout the season. With Chrishell Stause in a new relationship, Mary Fitzgerald at her breaking point, and newcomers Bre Tiesi and Nicole Young looking for a way to make their mark on the show, there was never a dull moment Sell ​​Sunset season 6

At the very end of the last episode of the season there is a super snippet with clips from Sell ​​Sunset Season 7 was shown to give viewers an idea of ​​what to expect from the upcoming season. With some intense moments, the preview was a dramatic montage of Oppenheim Group agents clearly defining the office’s new social structure. As Heather Rae El Moussa is heavily pregnant, she likely won’t be making as many appearances, while Amanza Smith revealed she may end up in the middle of a health crisis Sell ​​Sunset Season 6 seems to have a stronger presence in the preview.

When does Selling Sunset season 7 premiere?

Although Sell ​​Sunset Season 6 has just been released in May 2023, the next season could not be long in coming. Filming for both seasons was back-to-back due to Netflix renewal Sell ​​Sunset for two new seasons. As the latest season of Sell ​​Sunset If the schedule for the upcoming season came out in early summer, it’s likely viewers won’t have to wait long to see it if the schedule for the upcoming season is comparable to previous iterations Sell ​​Sunset Season 7. So previous seasons of the show were released in spring/summer and late fall of the same year Sell ​​Sunset Season 7 could be released on Netflix in November 2023.

Which cast members will be returning for Sunset Season 7?

While the preview for Sell ​​Sunset Season 7 features several of the cast members who appeared in the previous season, some cast members may have more presence than others. given Sell ​​Sunset Season 6 ended with Chrishell deciding to join G Flip on their Australian summer tour, however her presence may be limited. Mary was out of sight throughout the preview and while there were glimpses of star Chelsea Lazkani, these were minimal. Heather has spoken out publicly and said she was not called back to filming after her maternity leave. With the preview mostly focusing on Bre, Nicole, Emma, ​​and Chrishell, the upcoming episode might feel a little different than seasons past.

With Sell ​​Sunset With Season 7 fast approaching for Netflix, the streaming service was visibly confident in the new season’s performance without even airing a single episode. Many are full of anticipation for even more sell Sunset, I hope the drama continues and that the veteran cast of the series at The Oppenheim Group will continue to push the envelope. Although Sell ​​Sunset currently only being renewed for the next season, it seems self-evident that the Netflix hit will be around for years to come.

Sources: Netflix/Instagram, E! News/Twitter

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