Classic Bravo Shows That Need To Return

Classic Bravo shows that need to return

Bravo wasn’t once satiated with all things Real Housewives. On any given day, there was a multitude of programs that didn’t stem from acting like a fool at the dinner table. We currently have 836 shows spawned from the successful franchise.

Before everyone had a line of alcohol with their name on it, we had hair shows (I miss Tabatha Coffey!) to struggling PTA moms and more. Let’s take a look at a few programs that are gone but certainly not forgotten. Do they deserve a second chance?

5. Blow out

With a voice rivaling only celebrity hair guru Kimberly Kardashian, Jonathan Antin brought his celebrity hairstyling to TV. Blow Out premiered on Bravo in 2004’s Dark Ages and it was a complete mess. Jonathan was usually impeccably dressed in the finest bootcut jeans from the early 2000s. His leadership style would require him to have multiple meetings with HR these days and attend special courses. Fun Fact: His brother is Steven Antin from Last American Virgin and his sister is Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin. Focused on Jonathan Salon Beverly Hills, Blow Out followed Jonathan and his mostly terrified crew while navigating numerous staff and opening other locations. He also released a fairly successful hair care line and promoted it during the show. But Blow Out Jonny screwed up dissing Big Daddy Andy Cohen. Jonathan fired an employee during production for not taking Jonathan’s shit, and Andy disagreed. Andy called him and basically said, “Hey man, we’ve got 2 more episodes of this guy to go and you gotta give us a heads up,” because TV. Needless to say, Jonathan didn’t listen to Big Daddy. Next, Tabatha Coffey entered the chat and Blow Out said goodbye. People couldn’t stand Jonathan’s harsh attitude in those years, but now he would make the perfect cast-mate in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. If you were an avid viewer, hopefully you have some memories as this show is not currently available to stream.

4. Euros from Hollywood

If you have seen this show please raise your hand and let’s be friends. I don’t even know how to properly describe Euro of Hollywood, but we had never seen anything like it. And we certainly haven’t seen anything like it since. In 2014, Bravo blessed us with a cast made up of people from Europe trying to find success in America. Bleona Qereti is an Albanian singer/songwriter known as the “Madonna of Albania”. She had the superior attitude to it. Bleona had been famous in her home country since she was a child, so you can imagine her personality was a bit of a ride on the Ramonacoaster. Which brings me to Fawni, a pop singer and artist prodigy from Austria. She was trying to mend a broken heart and recently had a #1 hit in Japan. A bit like Erika Jayne, but successful. I mean how could you not see this show. Sascha Gerecht was a hot DJ, nightclub owner and successful fashion designer. He left his wife and two children behind in Germany to make it big in America. According to legend, they are still waiting. There was also a jewelry designer and an actor who came to America just to win an Oscar. Spoiler alert: he hasn’t. Euros of Hollywood sticks to the typical Bravo format of profanity, smoking, heavy drinking and petty fights. But the 2014 show’s stereotypes about Americans and various European ethnic groups wouldn’t work in today’s environment. It was a fun ride while it lasted and only had one season. If you’re dying to try it, check out Amazon Prime Video.

3. Maternity Funders

Bravo desensitized us to a lot of things, but you didn’t unbalance it until you were involved in specific PTA/PTO environments. Some of these women are terrifying. In 2015, Mother Funders introduced PTO President Carla Stephens, who was “involved” in the art of fundraising for her children’s school to the next level. Set in Locust Grove, Georgia, the hotbed of future famous whores, this train wreck captured members of a parent-teacher organization trying to raise and donate money for their children’s elementary school. Yes, elementary school. With episodes titled “There’s No ‘I’ in the PTO” and “Parent-Teacher (Dis)Organization,” the Mother Funders synopsis was, “The only way to reach them [Carla’s] The goal is to keep the momentum going and get her fellow board members to plan, execute, and implement extravagant fundraisers that will bring in money — but will ruffle some feathers in the process.” So humiliate, abuse, and chastise was the name of the game with this gem. There were coups, revenge and secret meetings. The show caused such an uproar that the featured PTO was “suspended” at the school. As you might guess, Mother Funders only had one season. If you’re feeling froggy, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV are carrying the episodes.

2. Artwork: The next great artist

Joking aside, I wish we could put something like Artwork: The Next Big Artist back on the Bravo schedule. This show was a 2010 creative competition series aimed at discovering fresh talent and shedding light on the hidden workings of the artistic mind. Professional artists attended a panel of experts each week, much like America’s Next Top Model but for the art and without Tyra Banks ruining your life. It was a fresh look at the art world and different for viewers. First of all, China Chow was on this show. China was the daughter of model Tina Chow and Michael Chow (of Mr. Chow fame). I would watch China Chow read the newspaper, so that was exciting for my old ass. Jerry Saltz and Bill Powers also judged. The ‘participants’ faced various challenges and created artworks in a variety of different media. Former Real Housewives of New York star Luann de Lessep’s niece, Nicole Nadeau (yes, the same niece Adam Kenworthy dated, escalando!) was on the program, along with some brilliant and talented people. Highly recommend checking it out if you’re looking for some fun. It streams on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.

1. Battle of the Network Reality Stars

Please tell me which link needs to be removed to bring this back from 2005 and I will be happy to do it. Let me live and restart it with a recent round of Bravo Stars. Battle of the Network Reality Stars is exactly what it implies. Reality TV celebrities are put in compromising positions to win a competition. yes please and thank you Starting with the hugely popular Battle of the Network Stars of the 1970’s and 80’s, reality TV people from shows like Average Joe, The Bachelor, and Project Runway, etc. took part in “games”. There were tournaments, obstacle courses, dodgeball – basically pure bliss for the viewer. Can you imagine real Beverly Hills housewives versus real Orange County housewives? Below Deck versus Southern Charm?? Bravo gods, how dare you deny us such nirvana? Once again, this gem only had one season and the whole thing could have been a dream because it’s not available to stream.

Some of those shows didn’t come back because what viewers saw as pearly incidents in the early 2000s are now regular Tuesdays for someone like Lisa Rinna. It would be fun to see some remastered versions of these old friends.


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