BIP’s Danielle brings Michael to tears as she opens up about parenting

Bachelor In Paradise star Michael Allio is emotional after Danielle Maltby congratulated his parenthood on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast.

Bachelor in Paradise‘s Danielle Maltby got Michael Allio emotional after speaking about parenthood during a recent podcast appearance. Michael and Danielle made it official after bonding over their shared tragic loss of a partner Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. After Michael broke off his first connection on the beach, it seemed almost certain that he would leave after the next rose ceremony. Then, when Danielle came down the stairs, Michael was immediately interested, and the pair began exclusively exploring their connection with each other until they left paradise, firm but not engaged.

During the couple’s joint appearance on the Bachelor happy hour Podcast, Danielle shared what made her fall in love with Michael even deeper after dating him “the real world,” which caused Michael to get emotional. Danielle is currently in the process of moving to Ohio to be with Michael, although out of respect for Michael’s 6-year-old son, James, the couple will not be living together immediately. During the podcast, Danielle explained that “To be honest, what shocked me the most was Michael as a father. I was shocked in a very good way. I’ve seen other men in my life and they’re incredible dads, don’t get me wrong. But actually watching Michael’s parent made me fall in love with him so much more. It’s incredible to see.” Michael was visibly touched by Danielle’s words and admitted they made him cry.

Bachelor In Paradise’s Michael is thankful for Danielle

Danielle Maltby and Michael Allio from Bachelor in Paradise Season 8

After Michael’s wife died of breast cancer in 2019, he felt he had two parenting roles to play for their son. Michael had difficulty allowing his son to attend Bachelor franchise and shared this with Katie Thurston as the reason for his departure during her season The Bachelorette. Fans could see in the early episodes of Bachelor in Paradise that Michael wasn’t sure if he had made the right decision with his return. But during the podcast, Michael made it clear how much Danielle means to him and how grateful he is for their connection. He then returned the compliment, saying that Danielle was great with children and that he had loved watching her strengthen her bond with his son.

Michael’s first connection on the beach was with Sierra Jackson, a contestant on Clayton Echard’s season of The bachelor who was eliminated in week 4. Initially, Michael was very polite to Sierra until he explained to her that he was uncomfortable with how quickly their relationship was progressing and no longer wanted to explore things with her. Surprisingly, Michael decided to stay on the beach. Some fans believe the producers are favoring Michael by taking Danielle to the beach earlier than originally planned so Michael would not be eliminated at the upcoming rose ceremony. Sierra chose self-elimination and didn’t want to bond with anyone else.

Although Michael and Danielle appear to be a perfect couple, Michael has received a lot of criticism for his actions Bachelor in Paradise. Some fans have criticized the way Michael ended things with Sierra, claiming he continued it on purpose to stay on the beach in hopes of finding a stronger connection. But that’s probably what many candidates do Bachelor in Paradise At least for the first few weeks, instant couples like Brandon Jones and Serene Russell do. Other side with Michael and against Sierra. Anyhow, it seems obvious that Michael is glad he broke up with Sierra and is now happily dating Danielle.

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