Bigg Boss 16, Shanivaar Ka Vaar: Sumbul Touqeer breaks down and denies liking Shalin Bhanot

Bigg Boss’s Shanivaar ka Vaar starts with Shalin Bhanot and Sajid Khan talking about the incident that happened between the former and MC Stan. Shiv Thakare talks to Sajid about how people switch groups when an incident happens. Tina Datta assures Shalin that he will not leave the house since she took the blame and she will leave. Shalin claims she used it. Sumbul makes it clear to Tina that she didn’t stop Shalin from working out the differences.

Tina accuses Sumbul of being obsessed with Shalin

Tina reminds Sumbul that she never allowed her and Shalin to talk and work out their differences, even though she knows he loves her. In the heat of the moment, Tina also accuses Sumbul of taking advantage of their fights as she is obsessed with her so-called best friend Shalin because she is in love with him too. Sumbul seems taken aback by these words as she defends herself, saying that she doesn’t like Shalin that way. Salman Khan connects the call to the candidates and asks Shalin if he never understood that Sumbul likes him. Tina, Nimrit and Sajid agree.

Salman Khan teaches Shalin, Sumbul and Stan

Tina points out that Sumbul doesn’t even let her get a word in. Sumbul cries and explains that she wants to go home since accusing her of liking Shalin is wrong, even though he has no such feelings for him. Shalin is scolded by Salman for losing control by portraying what Stan did. Salman reminds him that he is not responsible for this and scolds Stan for starting the fight. Tina and Shalin hug and comfort each other. Stan also apologizes to Shalin after admitting his mistake. Later, Ayushmann Khurrana and Jaideep Ahlawat enter the show and have the contestants play a task. After they leave, Salman goes back to tutor Priyanka.

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