Big Brother’s Taylor Hale offers casting tips for potential houseguests

big brother 24 House guest Taylor Hale made history on the show, and she’s now sharing tips on how potential contestants can master the show big brother 25 casting call. Taylor was the first black woman to win the competition and the first contestant to take home both the grand prize and the title of America’s Favorite Houseguest. She overcame bullying and microaggression from some of her roommates and was nominated for eviction six times. She won a total of $800,000. During her season, Taylor also met her current boyfriend, Fellow big brother 24 Candidate Joseph Abdin.

In a TikTok video big brothers Taylor Hale advised prospective candidates March 11, who were able to attend an open casting call for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Taylor began the video by saying: “If you’ve always wanted to appear on reality TV, pay attention. I have some tips and tricks for you on how to make it on TV.” Her first tip was “You have to know exactly who you are and how to communicate that succinctly.” Taylor described himself as “a confident, confident, sarcastic, feminist beauty queen who couldn’t stand to be around Alpha Bros.” Then she rolled her eyes as she said: “That worked well for me.”

Big Brother’s Taylor Hale encourages houseguests to tell their stories

Taylor Hale at Big Brother 24

Taylor went on to advise this “Every question you answer has to relate to you.” As an example she said: “So if someone asked me, ‘Taylor, are you an ab****?’ I’d say, ‘I’m confident and I don’t change to make other people comfortable. As a society, we call women that motherfucker, so I guess that must be me.'” She then gave the camera a knowing look, suggesting she was being ironic. For casting tip number two, Taylor challenged potential house guests “tell descriptive stories.” She said, “You have to make these people feel like they’re part of the story with you.” Taylor recommended using the five senses in telling the stories.

Taylor stayed true to herself Big Brother House, which made her a target intermittently throughout the season. However, she ended up winning the whole show. She is very confident. Her comments about how she was perceived as a strong woman around the house show that she understands how society judges people like her. However, she received validation when she won America’s Favorite Houseguest, suggesting viewers appreciated how she acted around the house. Taylor was a great competitor who ended up not only having incredible social play but also admirable mental and physical abilities.

Taylor is the perfect alum Big Brother Candidate to give advice to future houseguests. She had a tumultuous journey early in the game. But then she was able to convince her roommates and the spectators and at the end of the competition she won both prizes. Her advice that house guests need to know exactly who they are is important because the Big Brother House is an extremely challenging place to navigate. Many Big Brother House guests have offered advice to future contestants over the years, but Taylor is particularly qualified because she is the only contestant to have won both awards presented by the judges and viewers.

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