A Reunion First: Why the Vanderpump Rules Reunion Started With Solo Sit-Downs

The Vanderpump Rules The Season 10 reunion began with a story-making trio of solo interviews filmed the day before the reunion. When news of Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’ affair broke after Ariana Madix discovered evidence of cheating on Tom’s phone, the trio became the top three players Vanderpump Rules overnight. Cameras turned back on just days after news of the affair broke, but instead of asking the stars about their involvement at the time, he said Vanderpump Rules The cameras just kept rolling as the cast spoke candidly about the betrayal. After the cameras stopped rolling, the cast had a few weeks left before reuniting.

Before the reunion was filmed, the three leads sat down individually with Andy Cohen for one-on-one interviews to discuss the story of the affair. Each of the cast members had their own side of the story that would surely get muddled in the chaos of a reunion, so Andy decided to speak to each of them individually and did his best to get the full story out of each interview. As Ariana, Tom, and Raquel spoke candidly about the affair and their feelings about it, it became clear that the interviews also served to show viewers how different each side of the story is.

Andy Cohen wanted to know all three sides of the story

Each of the interviews was designed to clearly tell the story from different angles. Before each interview, each lead actor was shown a title card that provided clarity as to the purpose of the interview. The title cards read: “To Tom Sandoval, It was a last chance to come clean. It was a moment for Ariana to share her experience. For Raquel it was an opportunity to explain how it all happened. Each of the title cards preceded portions of the one-on-one interviews, making it clear that the cast members were asked different variations of similar questions.

The preliminary interviews set the tone of the reunion

Throughout the finale, it was clear that the drama was just beginning as Tom and Ariana relived nine years of their lives together. With performers who learn about it Vanderpump Rules Things were still being revealed about the affair after the cheating scandal. Although it was clear that Tom and Ariana would be breaking up, so many details remained unclear. By the time the cast were scheduled to film the reunion, a few weeks had passed and the dust had settled, allowing more information to come to light. The pre-interviews were able to set the tone of the show by sharing the narrative and utilizing different perspectives.

The first part of Vanderpump Rules The Season 10 reunion made it clear that things are going to be incredibly messy throughout the three-part special. As Tom and Ariana are the only cast members involved in the scandal who have had a chance to speak out, it will be incredibly interesting to see Raquel join the conversation. While Ariana certainly won’t be lenient with her, the rest of the cast could somehow behave worse towards the scandalous couple.

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