90 Day Fiancé: The 5 Biggest Scandals by Angela Deem & Michael Ilesanmi

Throughout her time on the show 90 day fiance Viewers were no strangers to Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi’s dramatic antics, but some scenes stand out more than others. Being loud and overbearing, Angela seemed like every man’s worst nightmare. When he reportedly fell in love with the Georgia peach, Michael never really had a chance.

90 day fiance‘s Angela Deem and Michael have always shared their tumultuous relationship with audiences. They kept staring 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 days Seasons 2 and 3, and they had breakups due to trust issues. The trouble began after the Nigerian native admitted to cheating on Angela. He was unfaithful early on in their relationship. For a while they tried to put their struggles behind them so they could focus on the future. During her time in the franchise, Angela was often seen preparing for Michael’s arrival in the United States, but his visa was repeatedly denied. The “Meemaw” often traveled to Nigeria for visits that were not exactly peaceful.

5 90 Day Fiancé Michael is a scammer

Due to his flirting with other women and the fact that he lived in another country, Angela and Michael’s relationship never seemed to last. One way or another, their relationship seemed doomed. While 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 7, A friend of Michael and Angela’s has alerted the Meemaw to infidelity. The pal revealed Michael had timed his wife twice since they last visited Nigeria.

The friend shared that Michael had communicated with the women on Instagram, which was surprising given that Angela was so strict on Michael’s social media activities. At that time they had a common profile. Unfortunately, the claims were backed up by screenshots and voice messages. After the affair scandal broke, Angela had no choice but to admit that she was going to file for divorce. She announced this at the tell-all, noting: “That doesn’t mean I’m going to sign.”

4 90 Day Fiancé Michael wants a baby

That’s easy to say 90 day fiance Viewers were blown away when Michael announced he wanted a child with the now 56-year-old Georgia native. Angela already had children. The mature woman wasn’t really interested in having more children. However, Michael really wanted to be a father. While having an anchor baby may have been a ruse in the United States, Michael explained at the time that having children in Nigeria was a big deal in his culture. That meant his name would carry on.

During Season 5, TLC fans watched Angela and Michael’s fairytale wedding. Although they had taken this important step, there was still one big hurdle to clear, and that was Angela conceiving a baby. The season showed the couple speaking to a fertility specialist and learning the reality TV star was out of eggs. That meant she couldn’t have a biological child. After being refused eggs by her daughter, Skyla Deem, Angela decided to forego IVF. Instead, she underwent weight loss surgery, which greatly upset Michael and his family.

3 90 Day Fiancé Michael dislikes Angela’s weight loss surgery

Angela had never been the healthiest of people, but she had decided to change something for the better and was expecting it 90 day fiance Husband Michael for emotional support. Unfortunately, the Nigerian didn’t do that and instead left his wife feeling worse than she did after her surgery. Angela had told TLC cameras she was at a crossroads, revealing she feels she could die if she doesn’t do something drastic soon. She also decided to have her breasts renewed during the procedure, which left Michael speechless, and not in a good way.

While Michael did his best to calm his wife down, he had his own concerns, which he shared during a conversation 90 Day Fiancé Confessional. Michael was initially afraid that his wife would have smaller breasts and was afraid he wouldn’t like what he saw after the procedure was completed. However, the main reason for Michael’s lack of enthusiasm was the fact that many Nigerian citizens have died from these forms of plastic surgery. It made him feel like Angie was risking “it all” for a quick fix.

2 90 Day Fiancé Michael was abused by Angela

On more than one occasion the 90 day fiance Star has been accused of verbally abusing her ex-husband Michael. As they air their story about a new spin-off, 90 days trip, On Discovery+, the elusive due showed Angela and Michael just how difficult their relationship had gotten. Over the years, Angela successfully isolated Michael from his family and friends, often referred to as “the stupid balls” on the screen.

Angela always found a way to tear Michael down and frequently convinced the TV star that he was the problem in their relationship. It was hard to watch Michael’s self-esteem plummet. He started out confident, but his last appearance featured a major personality shift. Angela also attacked Michael with cake by shoving it in his face. The altercation took place near the same dock where Michael had posed for a photo with another woman. In an attempt to apologize, Michael showed up with a strawberry shortcake but wore most of it.

During a previous season of 90 day fiance, Angela was accused of being racist towards Michael. According to a Reddit thread started by u/lmdaley90, The dynamic in Michael and Angela’s relationship was based on power, with Angela feeling that she was superior to Michael in every way. The thread participant noted that Angela does not see Michael as herself, “even.” Although she didn’t call Michael derogatory names on camera, she was often caught yelling at him. For example she called him a, “bit*h.”

Angela was often called out for her racist remarks. Last, 90 day fiance Fans were excited after seeing a social media post in which Angela was spotted posing (via devilyn_side) with her plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael K. Obeng, and another doctor, Lawton Tang. The picture had the caption: “Once you go Black you’re never going back, but once you go Y***** you’re never making another guy.” The idea caused immense disgust among TLC supporters. Luckily, there are rumors that Michael is no longer married to Angela. If so, he no longer has to deal with her outbursts.

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