90 Day Fiancé: Ronald’s thirst trap video after Tiffany’s split angers fans

90 Day Fiancé star Ronald Smith’s new Instagram video repels fans and leaves them confused about his relationship status with wife Tiffany Franco.

Tiffany Franco’s husband Ronald Smith had scars 90 day fiance Fans with his thirst trap video on Instagram. Ronald and Tiffany, who are in for the first time 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 1, met in South Africa through mutual friends before they started dating. Ronald asked the question and Tiffany said yes, not knowing anything about his criminal record, which included being arrested on counts of armed robbery and drug possession. The same problems affected Ronald’s visa prospects, and Tiffany continued to wait for him, looking after Daniel, her son from a previous relationship, and Carley, her daughter with Ronald, alone.

Ronald did not support Tiffany emotionally or financially, and a frustrated Tiffany considered divorce. The couple went through multiple breakups and even dated other people while apart only to get back together 90 days: The single life Season 3 finale. That’s why Ronald’s new Instagram video (via u/SignificantCamel8516) in which he hints that he’s single is bugging fans. In the video, which is set to the melody of the Sam Smith song “Unholy,” Ronald performs suggestive actions with his tongue. He added the text “I picture myself pushing her against the wall on this song‘, above the clip, while Ronald in his caption asked his followers their ‘Throughts.Surprisingly, Ronald received some answers that were just as thirsty, such as: “DAMN! I can’t take it!! SO SEXY” and “Please push me against the wall” to which 90 day fiance Celebrity Ronald responded with a laughing emoji.

90 Day Fiancé fans slam Ronald’s ‘cringe’ actions

Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith from 90 Day Fiancé

So that he can leave the child 9 months later,‘ wrote 5Nadine2 on the Reddit repost, with yellowbird08 writing, ‘I would prefer death to seeing this a second time.” Fans couldn’t believe that Ronald not only shared the “rough‘ video but watched it too and decided it was ok to post it online. Fans were ashamed of Tiffany and the two children, with some even wondering who the women were commenting on Ronald’s awkward video.

Fans refuse to believe anyone would find Ronald.attractive,” especially after they saw him on the 90 day fiance franchise for the last four years in his toxic relationship with Tiffany. It’s possible some new TLC viewers are just aware of this 90 day fiance Star Ronald for his appearance in the single life, in which he comes across as a helpless, estranged husband trying to persuade his wife to return to him. Longtime fans are aware of the complications in Ronald and Tiffany’s marriage, and she openly berates him on Instagram for being a dead father and misogynist who refuses to accept a strong woman.

Regardless, Ronald, who shares his racy videos on Instagram, seems to confirm that he and Tiffany are no longer together. The tell-all preview sees Tiffany claiming that even after she reconciled with him, Ronald was still talking to his ex-girlfriend. Ronald also took money from the other woman. Meanwhile, Tiffany’s date is over The single life, named Dan, has hinted that they are meeting in real life, so it looks like there is a new one 90 day fiance romantic cooking that could be revealed soon.

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