5 reasons why Audrey Roloff fell out of favor with LPBW fans

Audrey Roloff has quickly become one of the most disliked performers small people, big world For five good reasons. Although she is no longer on the show, she remains in the spotlight. Fans have no shortage of reasons to get angry at the former reality star.

Small people, big world Audrey Roloff isn’t afraid to speak her mind, even amid criticism and judgment. She often uses her social media presence to share her thoughts, provide updates about her life, and interact with her followers. Audrey doesn’t know how to deal with the backlash she’s receiving at times, but it hasn’t put her off the keyboard. However, some fans would love it if she took a break. Now it’s time to take a look at five reasons why Audrey is rubbing fans the wrong way.

5 Little folks, big world fans think Audrey Roloff is too competitive

Little People, Big World's Tori and Audrey Roloff smile together in front of trees

Some people who follow the show think that Audrey and her sister-in-law, Little people, big world’ star Tori Roloff, don’t get me. The two women used to be close, but things have never been the same since the Roloff Farms spat. Audrey and Tori have a dedicated following on social media and use their platforms to share their behind-the-scenes moments.

Fans have a feeling that Audrey is displaying a mean girl persona that has become a major departure, while Tori has always come across as the relatable girl next door. Reddit user Ambitious-End-1066 started a thread on Reddit discussing Audrey’s tendency to appear better than everyone else and her constant need to show off. A fan commented on the Audrey-centric thread: “Your whole personality is to excel others. It’s just more obvious when she’s doing it with family members.”

4 Little people, big world fans think Audrey Roloff is out of touch

When Audrey announced that she and husband Jeremy Roloff were surprising their kids with a trip to Disneyland, she didn’t get the reaction she expected. The reality star has been very vocal about her faith and Christian beliefs. So when she appeared to be supporting a company that fans believed was doing the opposite, they didn’t hesitate to give her a call. Audrey revealed she was criticized for going to the happiest place on earth. She seemed genuinely surprised and frustrated by the negative feedback she received.

In response to the outrage, Audrey shot a video with screenshots of the comments about her family vacation. The comments all mentioned Audrey’s Christianity and her lack of proper research before visiting the theme park. However, the bigger problem with most of her followers wasn’t the fact that she went to Disneyland. Small people, big world Fans felt that she cast Christianity in a bad light by highlighting the negative reaction she received. A fan commented on her post, “Way to encourage people to hate Christians and cause more division. Super disappointed in this post.”

3 Little people, big world fans are tired of Audrey Roloff’s incessant bragging rights

Little People, Big World's Audrey Roloff smiles with hair over one eye

Fans are fed up with Audrey’s swagger and her social media posts impersonating her as a relatable person. The mother of three uses her online presence to talk about her experiences of motherhood and the challenges that come with it. However, Small people, big world Fans don’t believe her intention is to connect with others and find common ground. Instead, they feel like she’s using moments from her life to subtly make herself look good.

Reddit users didn’t hesitate to vent their frustration with her attention-grabbing nature. Realitytvaddict22 started a thread pointing to Audrey’s unmusical Instagram posts. A screenshot from one of Audrey’s perfectly curated Instagram stories showed her snuggling with her three children and sitting by the fire while reading a book. As part of a question and answer session on Monday, Audrey received a question asking what she thought was a misunderstanding about herself. Reality star Audrey replied: “That I’m good at balancing all things. I am not.”

Little People, Big World fans felt this was an attempt to show off while trying not to be obvious. A Reddit user commented on the thread, “Ah, the humble one. I understand what you’re doing, Audrey.” Other fans in the thread couldn’t help but agree, and were annoyed at their not-so-disguised, backhanded compliments.

2 Little people, big world fans are over Audrey Roloff’s privileged attitude

Small people, big world Fans are not silent about the fact that they consider Audrey exhausting. While she doesn’t necessarily like to scrutinize all of her choices and decisions, that doesn’t stop her from sharing plenty of details about her life. Whether Audrey is writing about a two-week family camping trip or capturing memories at her sprawling property, Audrey makes every moment stand out for all of her followers.

While it’s great that she and Jeremy can have fun adventures with their kids, fans don’t think she understands that she’s privileged because she has enough money to do things like this. Reddit user panv133 posted a thread on Reddit discussing his frustration with Audrey’s titled posts. Sharing a screenshot from one of Audrey’s Instagram stories, they shared the details of her family’s Roloff family trip to Maui, and explained that they try to stay a few weeks on each visit. the user wrote, “Audrey, with the relatable content… how many families make trips to Maui for several weeks at a time?”

1 Little people, big world fans don’t want Audrey Roloff’s unsolicited sales

Audrey never misses an opportunity to share her personal, life-changing experiences with essential oils. She posts frequently about the benefits, as well as tips and advice, e.g. B. to use. When she and her family moved into a new home that needed renovations and extra maintenance, she didn’t hesitate to place an essential oil diffuser in every room. Fans are fed up with Audrey whining about her fixer upper and how she plans to upgrade the home.

Her followers are also concerned about the side effects (like potential health risks) the oils might have on their children. as well as the family pets. Audrey received numerous comments on her post, warning her of potential problems. one fan commented, “Do you ever do anything authentic, Audrey?

The Small people, big world star not only vouches for the difference essential oils make in her home and for her family, but she also sells the products. The reality star often shares discount codes and links to all the oils she recommends. Fans are fed up with Audrey’s dangerous advice. She constantly pockets these products and convinces others to join what they see as a pyramid scheme.

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