10 shocking moments from 90 Day Fiancé: TOW Season 4 Tell-All Part 3

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 4 has aired its final episode and many shocking moments were revealed in Tell-All Part 3 90 Day Fiancé The spin-off starred six couples, including Daniele Gates and Yohan Geronimo, Gabriel Paboga and Isabel Posada, Debbie Aguero and Oussama Berber, Jen Boecher and Rishi Singh, and Nicole Sherbiny and Mahmoud El Sherbiny. The American partners moved to different parts of the world to find love.

The 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 4 Tell-All now has the definitive list of winners, losers, heroes and villains. It also turned out which ones The other way Couples ended up together and split for good after their season. It was a bittersweet issue of ups and downs, but it was never short of shocking moments, most of which happened during the reunion.

10 Jeymi proves that Kris lied about sending her $10,000

Kris’ mom Mona came to the tell-all and admitted she always thought Jeymi was looking for a sugar momma. According to Kris, her mother used PayPal to transfer money to Jeymi’s account. “it was a lot of money‘ Mona claimed. When host Shaun Robinson asked her to give a baseball character, she said: “thousands of dollars.Tim Malcolm added: “she said ten“While pointing at Kris. “I’m sorry, I have to switch to PayPal,‘ Jeymi said while pulling out her phone. Transactions totaled $1,740 over six months, not $10,000 as Kris claimed. “It was in a bank account I no longer had“said Kris when asked for receipts.

9 Mahmoud and his brother shock by laughter when his fraudulent texts are mentioned

Nicole and Mahmoud Sherbiny from 90 Day Fiancé

Mahmoud’s brother Ahmed accompanied him during a segment in which the couple were asked to address Mahmoud’s lyrics to a Chinese woman. But as soon as the scene from the finale played, Mahmoud and his brother burst out laughing. They couldn’t help but laugh as Nicole talked about the texts she read on Mahmoud’s phone. “I don’t understand why they find this so funny.” Daniele wondered aloud. Isabel found Mahmoud’s behavior disrespectful. “That’s how we are as Egyptians, even if it’s difficult for us, we just like to laugh,‘ Mahmoud explained while Nicole was embarrassed.

8th Gabe asks Nicole to divorce Mahmoud

Gabe Paboga and Mahmoud El Sherbiny from 90 Day Fiance look serious

Mahmoud admitted he wouldn’t.Happy“When he finds out that Nicole has similar conservatives as him and the Chinese woman with another man. “let me tell you something i hate you“, interjected Gabe, telling him that Isabel had said, “Mahmoud has everything in a man that I would never wish for.” He said to Mahmoud: “You will never change.” Mahmoud’s reply was: “Listen to me, I didn’t ask you to change, so you don’t have to ask me to changeShaun asked Gabe to give Nicole some advice, and he immediately commented, “Get divorced, you can find someone who has the same views as you.

7 Gabe’s sister Monica reveals why she didn’t attend Gabe’s wedding

Gabriel Gabe's sister Monica in Fiancé 90 Day

Gabe was devastated after Monica decided not to attend his wedding. When Monica traveled to Colombia for the wedding, he told her that she was the reason all his past relationships had collapsed during a heated argument. Monica and Gabe faced each other after not speaking for two months. What Gabe said hurt Monica so much that she couldn’t stop crying after the debacle and continued to cry for hours as she prepared for the ceremony. “I won’t show up to your wedding crying“Confessed Monica. But according to Gabe, Monica said: “something bad“about Isabel when they were arguing.

6 Gabe is planning a second wedding in the US once Isabel moves there

Gabe Isabel 90 Day Fiancé

Monica defended herself by repeating that it was Gabe that she “common denominator”for his past failed relationships. Isabel also admitted that she wanted Monica to be the bridesmaid at the wedding. Her mother even had a dress made for Monica, but there was a communication problem between Gabe and Isabel that Monica didn’t know about. Monica felt guilty for abandoning her sister-in-law and began sobbing at the lack of connection with Isabel. Gabe announced that Isabel is getting a visa to visit his family in the US so they could celebrate a second wedding where Monica can be a bridesmaid.

Jen Boecher from 90 Day Fiancé with Rishi Singh and his mother

During Tell-All Part 2, Rishi’s mother, Shimla Singh, was able to speak to Jen directly, where she told Jen that she “shocked”according to her age. Jen went backstage and replayed the anti-aging comments in her head. “Screw you like you said it: “It’s not pretty.”“You admit it’s not pretty, but you keep repeating it,” Jen told Shimla. She then video called Rishi and said, “The thing about your mom, she thinks I’m too old, you know how I am, ‘fuck her’ ok?” She asked Rishi to share this with Rishi, adding: “If I ever hear her say it again, we’ll never talk to each other again.

4 Jen reveals she gave Debbie’s son Julian her number

Jen Boecher of 90 Day Fiancé

Jen told Shaun she had “no idea“about how her relationship with Rishi was after Shimla rejected her. Backstage, Jen said to Gabe: “I don’t miss opportunities.” She told Gabe she gave her number to “someone’s son‘, referring to Debbie’s son Julian. Jen said of Julian: “What’s not to like about him?‘ and admitted that she liked Julian’s personality and the care he shows his mother. That the two are roughly the same age is also a plus, not to mention that unlike her and Rishi, they share the same culture and hail from the same country.

3 Debbie gets applause from Yohan for defending him

Debbie Aguero 90 Day Fiancé

Yohan was asked why he didn’t thank Daniele for throwing him a birthday party. Instead, Yohan had a falling out with Daniele over meeting her ex-boyfriend, Taylen Alexander. Yohan admitted: “You can’t come here and do whatever you want like date an ex if you’re married to your husband, not me.”

Tim Malcolm told Daniele that while she might be friends with Taylen, he was a threat to Yohan. “I agree, I think this is avoidable. When you bring an ex, an ex fun bunny guy, it’s insulting. That’s really because we don’t bring guys that we’ve had fun and made no commitments with in front of our man we love, care for and cherish.“According to Debbie, Daniele was disrespectful when Taylen walked in. “Your husband needs to be respected‘ Debbie continued. Her opinion of Daniele was praised by Yohan, who began clapping enthusiastically as Debbie sided with him in the argument.

2 Yohan says his marriage to Daniele will end when the lease ends

Yohan and Daniele Gates from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way in a parking lot

Yohan accused Daniele of having photos of Taylen in her house. According to him, it means “interest persists.“Daniele said it was in his drawer with other photos from her past life. Taylen, who was also present at the tell-all, confirmed that he had no interest in Daniele. An older scene in which Daniele got Yohan to meet Taylen and asked them questions about their past relationship aired. Yohan said Daniele’s decision to include Taylen in their relationship would cost her dearly. “I never agreed to the desire to meet your ex and you will regret it very much‘ Yohan added.

Yohan continued: “‘Cause now I don’t see you as a partner to respect or loveHe said he felt their relationship had become worthless at the moment. Daniele spoke of not knowing how to make things better, but Yohan exclaimed: “I’ll stay with Daniele until our lease expires. When the lease is up, she goes her way and I go mine.”

1 Debbie suggests that maybe she could get back together with Oussama

90 Day Fiancé the other way Debbie Oussama Montage both look intense

After 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way In Season 4 “Tell-All,” Debbie said that it was strange seeing Oussama again. She wants him to have a better life and if life goes without Miss Debbie then so be it. “I didn’t close the door to Oussama, even though Julian and Sandy wanted the door closed.“Oussama was her best friend through her darkest time and because of that, Debbie is ready to”forgive a lot.However, Debbie added that she “not dumb” And “He will have to do great things to bring Miss Debbie back to Morocco.

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