This Surprising Royal Could Be the One to Finally Play Peacemaker Between Prince William and Prince Harry

The all-too-overlooked Princess Anne is not only consistently the hardest-working member of the royal family — she’s had a whopping 214 engagements in 2022 alone — but she’s also reportedly so The Daily Expressshe could be the key to finally bringing about a reconciliation between the feuding brothers Prince William and Prince Harry.

Sussex biographer Omid Scobie says that while Harry has a “pattern” of regular communication with his father, King Charles, there has been “minimal contact” with William since the late Queen’s funeral last September. (A source joins in Us weekly said of William: “He has no intention of speaking to Harry. He has come to terms with the fact [that] He lost his little brother, possibly forever.”

Prince William and Prince Harry

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William and Harry were not seen interacting at the King’s coronation earlier this month, but Harry was was seen interacting — at times seemingly joyously — with other members of the royal family, including his aunt Anne, who The Daily Express writes, “Might help mend the brothers’ hurt relationship.”

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