Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell shares cancer diagnosis

Melanie MacLeod

Paul Burrell was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the summer of 2022 and the former royal butler shared details of his health condition Lorraine Kelly on the Monday show.

Paul who was Princess Diana’s butler for 10 years said he was “tired” when Lorraine asked him how he was feeling before explaining the shocking side effects of his treatment.

WATCH: Paul Burrell explains side effects of ‘fast track’ cancer treatment

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The former butler, who worked for the royal family for 21 years, revealed the cancer was discovered during a routine health check. He went on to explain that he received an early diagnosis and asked the shows’ female viewers to get the men in their lives to get a prostate exam.

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Paul went on to share how his cancer diagnosis combined with that Death of Queen Elizabeth II, made for a very difficult time. “She was my surrogate mother,” he said to Lorraine. “She taught me about life, she was the person I took care of every day and she took care of me. When she died I was devastated.”

Lorraine Kelly and Paul Burrell spoke about his cancer diagnosis

dr Hilary Jones joined Lorraine and Paul on the show to talk about the symptoms of prostate cancer and explained that all men over 50 should have a PSA test for prostate cancer.

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Paul explained that his cancer is on the outside of his prostate, it’s like a “bubble” and if it bursts it could spread cancer.

Lorraine viewers expressed their condolences to Paul Burrell

He’s undergoing accelerated treatment and awaiting his surgery in late February, with Lorraine promising Paul “tons of support,” adding, “I’ll get through this.”

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After the show, viewers took to Twitter to echo Lorraine’s sentiment, writing, “Get better soon Paul you can do this” and, “Good luck to Paul Burrell after his cancer diagnosis.”

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