Prince Harry’s shocking claim on Diana’s death: ‘We were dissuaded from…’

Princess Diana died in a car accident in 1997 after her divorce from Prince Charles. The divorce came after years of an unhappy marriage. Now, Prince Harry claims in his memoir Spare that he and his brother Prince William were stopped from calling for the reopening of an inquest into the death of their mother Prince Diana.

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The brothers have been asked not to discuss investigations, despite the fact that Princess Diana’s car accident happened under mysterious circumstances.

Prince Harry writes: “First of all, the summary conclusion that our mother’s driver was drunk and consequently this was the sole cause of the accident. It was simple and absurd.”

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“Even if the man had been drinking, even if he had been drunk, he would have had no problem driving through such a short tunnel. Unless paparazzi followed him and blinded him,” Prince Harry said.

Expressing his anger at his mother’s death, Prince Harry said in the book: “Why did those paparazzi get off lightly? Why weren’t they in jail? Who sent her? And why weren’t these people in jail? Could there be a reason why corruption and cover-ups are the order of the day?

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“We agreed on all of these issues and also on what to do next. We would make a statement and together call for the investigation to be reopened. We could call a press conference. Those who decided dissuaded us,” he added.

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