Prince Harry Blames Tabloids’ Illegal Snooping for Chelsy Davy Break-Up

Prince Harry says his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy decided “royal life wasn’t for her” after tabloids illegally sniffed her and Harry. In testimony in a civil lawsuit against Mirror Group Newspapers Ltd, Harry said the snooping, which allegedly involved phone hacking and the use of private investigators, caused “huge bouts of depression and paranoia” and made him feel “that he couldn’t.” Trust anyone.” Reporters from MGN followed him and Davy everywhere after they were illegitimately given information about their travel arrangements, Harry said, which put “an enormous amount of unnecessary stress and strain” on the couple’s relationship . He also questioned “highly suspicious” calls to Davy’s landlines and cell phones in the years leading up to her decision in 2010 to end their six-year relationship. MGN has apologized “unreservedly” for the unlawful gathering of information, but has denied any phone hacking.

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