Prince Andrew Says the Public Will Start Liking Him Again—Next Month

Prince Andrew tells friends his reputation will soon be restored thanks to a mysterious development. the Daily mail reports that Andrew even told friends about it. “He says details will be released that will change people’s perceptions of him,” a source said post Office. “He says it’s going to happen next month.” Andrew is reportedly consulting with attorneys with the aim of getting Virginia Roberts Giuffre to retract her allegation that Andrew sexually assaulted her when she was underage and trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein. Andrew has always denied the allegations, while allegedly paying Giuffre $14 million to settle a civil sex abuse lawsuit. This week, Ghislaine Maxwell said she believes the infamous photo of Giuffre, Andrew and her to be fake – while Giuffre reportedly signed a multi-million dollar deal to publish her memoir. Andrew was the most “shaken up” that post Office says when it was announced that Queen Consort Camilla would permanently replace him as Colonel in the Grenadier Guards. “He says, Your Majesty [Queen Elizabeth] gave him her word that the resignation was only a temporary measure. He says he was not told in advance that he would be kicked out, nor that Camilla would replace him. He says he just heard about it ‘in the media’.”

Read it below Daily Mail

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