King Charles’s environmental roots cemented in one key change at Palace

According to royal sources, King Charles has lowered the temperature of the pool at Buckingham Palace in hopes of reducing the royal household’s energy consumption. The king is reportedly a well-known environmentalist and makes a point of turning off lights and conserving energy in his homes. It is also known that the King likes to live and work in cold temperatures, and now some of the King’s staff, who have long enjoyed the privilege of using the swimming pool at Buckingham Palace, are also suffering from the cold.

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A source told The Times: “Some people using the pool have noticed that the water temperature has dropped and it’s significantly cooler than it used to be.

“They were informed that the king had turned down the heating.”

He has earned a remarkable reputation for living and working in freezing conditions that can be challenging for others.

In addition, the king tends to test the knowledge and skill of his staff in lighting fires.

A royal source said: “He wanted to have a very good reason as to why a fire was lit and he wanted to know why you would want to heat a room above room temperature no matter what the weather was outside.” He would consider it a waste feel.”

Julian Payne, his former communications secretary, told the Sunday Times last year: “The king. . . always has the windows wide open. Meeting at Birkhall, his home in the Highlands, in the dead of winter was not for the faint of heart.

“I can recall more than one occasion where I thought I actually got frostbite trying to write with a hand I couldn’t feel anymore.”

By lowering the temperature at the palace pool, Charles is also paying attention to the palace’s energy bills, which are monitored by a network of over 60 smart meters throughout the royal estate.

Last year taxpayer-funded utility bills for the royal palaces totaled £3.2million and were covered by the government subsidy.

The King is also being recognized for his determination to achieve net-zero emissions in the royal household ahead of the government’s 2050 target.

A source who knows Charles well said: “He probably thinks the whole thing is environmentally unfriendly because the water in the palace pool contains chemicals and needs to be heated. It doesn’t fit with his exercise regimen or worldview.”

Charles reportedly enjoys swimming and prefers the open sea to pools.

While he occasionally uses the pool at Highgrove, it is believed he does not use the one at Buckingham Palace.

The pool at Buckingham Palace was commissioned by George VI in 1938. Built after Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret showed a childhood enthusiasm for swimming.

It was completed in 1939 just before the royal family moved to Windsor during the Second World War.

The palace was damaged during the 1940 bombing of London when a bomb landed near the pool, prompting subsequent reconstruction.

The King and his siblings, along with Diana, Princess of Wales, often used the pool for a swim.

It is also believed that Princes William and Harry learned to swim there.

Before the Welsh family moved to Windsor, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis also enjoyed swimming in the palace pool.

While senior members of the royal household have access to the pool, they must check in advance if a member of the royal family wishes to swim to avoid scheduling conflicts.

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